San Andreas Department of Role-play / Brand New Server / Custom Teamspeak / 6 Departments



Hello! I am the owner of San Andreas Department of RolePlay. We currently have just changed to whitelisted server’s. Reason for it is because we don’t want any players that are going to mod on the server or do anything bad! But now i am going to tell you about SADORP.

At sadorp we offer a lot things like, custom cad, custom whitelist script, user files and just cars that are beautiful.
Just as a reminder. you have to be 14 to apply!
We have great staff and we are looking for great members like you!

We offer department’s like this,
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff’s Department
San Andreas Higway Patrol
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications
San Andreas Civilian Operations

We have a teamspeak for the server, it is filled with many things!

How to apply?

If you don’t know how to apply, we have created a application form! Once you have filled the form out well! You will be messaged on discord and by email if you got accepted or denied! We want you to do you’re best!
If you can’t do the application, why you just don’t join our interview discord already and when we are starting a interview and you haven’t done you’re application form, we will give you time to do it and continue.
Discord Link

When you are doing the application you will get questions and you will have to answer them carefully. You will be asked for a department to join in. Pick the department of you’re choice! Thank you.

Click This to apply!


Here’s some pics of the cars that we have.


In need of more LSPD

We are currently in need of

Bureau Chief of Police

Assistant Chief of Police

Deputy Chief of Police

If someone could join in the department and the server and could help us out, we will give something to the chiefs of LSPD.

San Andreas Department of Roleplay Promotion

Apply today! Also please be patient while waiting for the member role in discord!


absolutely love the staff and department vehicles. the blaine county vehicles are just like doj :slight_smile:


I like it really much this is better then who


I do like this server alot. I got in to Blaine County Sheriff’s department and i am a deputy III. The cars are like DOJ and they have the xbr410 fire trucks and the leo cars! Love this server


Thank you very much!


That’s for the liking