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San Andreas Department of Public Safety
You can apply HERE
Hello! My name is Nathan H. and I am one of the server owners here at SADPS. This server is a new one, but not one that you should pass over. Here at SADPS we have some of the nicest people you will meet that are willing to help you with any issue you have big or small.
Why should you chose SADPS over another community?
That is an amazing question, and here is why. Between myself and our other owner here, we have over 1,000 hours of role playing experience as well as an extensive background in computers, programming, software development, and resource development. We also make it our goal to keep every person happy, whether that means assist them in something big like setting up their game all the way to something small like looking into suggestions they have in order to improve the server, I promise you we have some of the nicest people you will meet.
Requirements to join?
In order to join our server, we only have a few simple rules.

  • You must be 15 years old the day you apply
  • You must show respect to every person on the server
  • You must have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • Your computer must be able to run Grand Theft Auto V at a reasonable frame rate
  • You must speak fluent English
  • You must have a clear sounding headset that does not have feedback from speakers.

Some more information about us
Well, we currently offer 4 departments:

  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  • Civilian Operations
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Communications Department

We have daily patrols from 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST (5:00pm to 8:00pm PST) as well as Mini patrols during the day. To maintain order and professionalism within our community, your application must be accepted before you can join our discord server. This prevents people from joining with the intent to hurt the community, as well as ensure that each person who joins wishes to stay. We feature server side EUP and we also spend much time looking at each and every application to make sure we truly get the best candidates. I can assure you that if you join MSRP, you will never want to leave.



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Please notice: SADPS takes privacy very seriously, any information you provide us with, inducing but not limited to on applications or during interviews, will not be sold or shared to any person outside of the human resources department without your strict and written permission. Any person on the server who is caught sharing or selling information will be banned and removed from our servers.

More information about some of these departments can be found on our website. Thank you for checking us out, we hope to see you soon! You can apply HERE
We would love to see you stop by, come check us out at our website HERE.


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We now have server side EUP and much more! Come check us out here! HERE

We now have ESX voice and some awesome esx scripts! Come check us out at the link above

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How many members does this place have?

Hello! I apologize for the delay of response. As I stated in the post our server is very new so we currently have a low member count. But with any server, you cant grow if you dont have members. As of now, we currently allow duel clanning as long as you do not hold a staff position within that server. This is so you can help our server grow while still having all the luxuries of a large server.
Thank you for your understanding,
Human Resources Department

Please check out our privacy update ^^

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We have made our official server recruitment video, check it out here: