San Andreas Department Of Justice | Massive Recruitment! All Staff/Officers Needed! | Custom Scripts | Custom Cars (Civilian & LEO) | SADOJ Server Recruitment



Hello People Of The FiveM Community! My name is Ben and I’m the owner of SADOJ. Our Community has just been created and is slowly getting bigger! We are not thinking about shutting down at all.

The departments we have are…
San Andreas Police Department
San Andreas Highway Patrol
San Andreas Dispatch Centre
San Andreas Fire Department
And Much more to come!

By joining this server you will not regret any time you have given to our community because we will give you the same benefits of what you gave us e.g. A custom role, your own voice channel etc. We have alot to offer;
Custom Scripts
Custom Cars
Active/Friendly Staff Team
Help & Support Team

Here is all of our information so you can start your journey with San Andreas Department Of Justice
Server IP:

~ Ben H. | Director Of SADOJ

SADOJ - San Andreas Department Of Justice | All Positions Open! ~ --=+ Staff Read Bottom. +=--

Wow what a great server


Thanks :wink: Yours is alright aswell!


Unfortunately it seems some of the members of SADOJ are quite unfriendly and unprofessional, recently our community has had someone randomly send
our community invites to other discords. One of those servers happened to be SADOJ so one of there members took it upon themselves to serve some justice of their own. You know instead of doing the normal thing and reporting it to an admin.


Let’s keep this to Discord, Teamspeak, or Direct FiveM Messages no need for drama here on the Snail Forums. There shouldn’t be clan wars, or even fighting it’s just the Internet and we should all be friends, at the end of it we’re the same people.



Invite link expired