San Andreas Department of Justice | 100+ Custom Cars | CAD / MDT | Hiring Sheriff's | 2 Servers |




We are here to make a Department of Justice real! We have a small but building community that is reaching out to the public to come join us! We are upwards near 300 members on our discord.

As of now Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is Open and Accepting applications.
We are also looking for a FTO - Field Training Officer and COC to help run the Department.

Requirements To Joining San Andreas Department of Justice

  • Must own a microphone
  • Must act mature and know how to carry out a roleplay
  • Be at least the age of 15
  • Must have discord
  • Must join our CAD/MDT system (found in our discord or website)
  • We have over 100+ custom vehicles with High quality models.
    We also have over 30 custom motorcycles.
    Most of our vehicles and bikes have different customizations.



    Main Menus & Commands

    **F1**: Opens your main menu
    **Page Up**: Opens your custom vehicle menu
    **F6**: Opens your vehicle stance menu
    **LCtrl+M**: Opens police radar with ALPR
    **Vehicle Commands**
    **/trunk**: Opens and closes the trunk.
    **/hood**: Opens and closes the hood.
    **/rdoors**: Opens and closes the two rear doors. (Mostly for use in vans)
    **/engine**: (on/off): Switches the vehicle engine on and off.
    **/lock**: Locks and unlocks vehicle doors.
    **/save**: (doesn't actually save the vehicle) Selects as the active vehicle.
    **/sveh**: Toggles "control saved vehicle only" mode.
    **Chat Commands**
    **/ooc** - out of character
    **/me** - you doing an action
    **/911** - calls 911
    **/twt** - Twitter Post
    **/text** (id) (Message)  OR **/txt** (id) (Message) -  sends a standard message to the target player.
    **/re-read**  OR  **/reread**     -  (Shows the most recent message again, In-case you missed it!)
    **/141** (id) (Message) - Sends an Anonymous message to the target player.
    /dv - Deletes Vehicle
    And many more!

    Some of our custom cars:


    One of the most realistic servers i have ever been on. The admins are very welcoming and nice. Very serious RP and the cars are the best part! Overall rating 10/10. You should try it out for sure!!


    Ay bro can’t wait to see this go far, you got hella good content including custom cars and stance menus! Fr good server


    where has this server been? lol literally all the dope shit from all the servers ive been on is n this server… not to mention the RP is actually CORRECT…


    thanks guys, im looking for staff and deputy’s so talk to me in discord! :slight_smile:


    I have added over 15+ more vehicles! Since original post. Come on come all! Lets RP! We are still fully staffing our Blaine County Sheriff Office. So if your looking for a forever home on a new upcoming server, let it be ours!


    dont choke too hard. swallow it.


    We are hiring Blaine County Sheriff Office. And have a volunteer option! come see us!


    doj is fun son …


    so not flag this…


    A great server with a huge selection of cars. I love it here!


    Its kinda funny. The post I flagged was deleted and it popped back up.


    “don’t want to play on his server anymore” doesn’t quite explain the entire story.

    You showed up, took over as leader for law enforcement, got tons of privileges, rights, and access all based on promises, 3 documents you made and some avatars, and then just disappeared with no explanations all within the span of a business week.

    He’s got a right to be pissed, because a lot of changes were made on your request and behalf, and some people left because of them. So, if you have complaints or grievances, then you need to communicate them, instead of just running away without explanation; but looking at your history, it seems as if this has become a pattern of yours.

    Hopefully you can learn the correct process to act professionally in the future.


    If you changed your name why not just change the title and the topic?


    Heres a small video of some of the custom cars, we have tons more. This is a live stream done by someone who visits us.




    Off-Roading with some of us!


    Seems as if you need a new discord link!


    should be fixed. thank you