[San Andreas Department of Defense] [Whitelist] [CAD/MDT] [Now Recruiting]



Hello, I’m Chase R., the owner of the San Andreas Department of Justice. We’re a FiveM community branching off from our Xbox One community. Currently we’re looking for people to join all departments in our community. We are about realism, and having fun as a team. We have a custom CAD/MDT, and custom emergency services vehicles. You will be able to contribute to the building of this community by giving suggest for vehicles, maps, procedures, CAD/MDT features, and more. If you’re interested in joining, please join our discord.

Our Departments (With Pictures)

Civilian Operations
The civilians of San Andreas bring reason to the Law Enforcement and Fire Departments.

San Andreas Fire & Medical
The San Andreas Fire and Medical Department is the fire and medical department that protects the state of San Andreas.

Paleto Bay Police Department
The Paleto Bay Police Department is the police department that patrols the town if Paleto Bay

Los Santos Police Department
The Los Santos Police Department is the police department of the city of Los Santos, San Andreas.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
The San Andreas Highway Patrol is a state level agency that patrols the entire state of San Andreas.

Blaine County Sheriff Office
The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is the local county law enforcement operating in Blaine County, San Andreas.

The communications department is in charge of answering 911 calls and dispatching officers.

How To Join

1: Join our Hub Discord Server.

2: Read our Rules & Regulations and our Requirements.

3: Make and account on our application website.

4: Fill out our application by clicking the apply button on the application website.

5: Wait for someone to review your application, you can see the status of your application by clicking “Check Application & Interview Status” on the application website. (Please give staff at least 24 hours to review your application before notifying us that you applied)

6: If your application is accepted, on the application website you can click “Schedule Interview” on the status part of the application website and then fill out the information that it asks for.

7: Wait for a staff member to accept your interview time. Once accept when it becomes time for your interview, join the Interview Waiting Room channel in our Hub Discord Server.

8: Once you complete your interview, you can check it’s status on the status part of the application website, or the staff member may deny/accept you on the spot.

9: If accept, you will be invited to our main discord and we’ll get you setup and trained, then you’ll be ready to roleplay with us.

Our Website: https://sanandreasdod.wixsite.com/sadod

Our Application Website: https://sadod-application.bubbleapps.io/

Our Hub Discord: https://discord.gg/XgPQgN2

Our Rules & Regulations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z2epskgJHyywq0kEOUpb4j3xrl0JhHLohAhngKbTDAI/edit?usp=sharing

Our Requirements: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gENOj6zkufEnF6opxGmgPZlWG4SD4PG4uhsWMkaEJWg/edit?usp=sharing

We look forward to seeing you!