San Andreas Defense Role play Server | A new FiveM community looking for New Members!



Welcome to the SaDRP Community Forum! We would like to thank you for checking out this forum! Here at SaDRP we want to offer the best role-play experience for everyone. We have put in hours of hard work to make that happen. We offer many openings in all our department. We want to welcome all the new members to the SaDRP and have them have the best experience. Our team is very responsible and very hard working. If you have a problem our team is right on it. Our community has been up for about a month now and we have gotten 35+ members! In my eyes that is a lot for a new community! And hopefully you agree! We have daily patrols and serious RP. Due to me being in other role-playing communities and the disrespect to all there members are just crazy. So here at the SaDRP re respect everyone and that is one rule that is heavy here. If you get disrespected here at the SaDRP it makes nothing fun anymore and our community is all about having fun. Our community offers a fully developed FiveM server and a Dev server. A fully developed Teamspeak 3 server We have the Rocket CAD and a fully developed Discord server. Our community offers XBR LEO and Fire Pack. And custom scripts you will see no where else!

Departments We Offer

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Blaine County Sheriff’s Department

Los Santos Fire Department

San Andreas Communications Department

Civilian Operations

Our Requirments at the SaDRP

-Must have a Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V,

-Must be 14 years of age,

-Must have discord and teamspeak 3.

Some server pictures

Our Server Head Administration

Director: Ghost

Deputy Director: Percell J.

Community Coordinator: Vacant

Some Links you might want

FiveM server IP:

Discord Server:




Our Community Instagram:

We want the than you for your time ready this post. We will hopefully be seeing you soon! Our head administration want to wish you a good morning good after noon or good night!

Yours Truly
San Andreas Defense RP Community Head Administration Team.


Post In #server-development:server-bazaar Please.


Moved to #server-development:server-bazaar


Hey everyone! We just got a new CAD! Come join us to check it out!


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We didnt.


Hello everyone! Patrol starting now! Hop on to meet everyone.


No we didnt’


Everything updated! Join the discord to join this community!


We just got done with a great RP! If your interested in joining us come join our discord!


Hey everyone this is a video we uploaded a few days ago! And we are having communities merge with us! Remember if you would like to join join our discord!



Bump patrol starting! Come join our discord to join the fun and patrol! Discord and website link below! Happy Valentines Day also!




Hey everyone! we are looking for a Community Coordinator. Come join our discord and we will see if you make a good fit. And our community is now public so come join the server!


We just got a fire chief! Join the discord to join LSFD!