Like Grand Theft Auto V?
Love Roleplay?
Looking for a community?
I might have an offer for you!

I’m bringing to you the NEW and IMPROVED San Andreas Criminal Justice! Great greetings and welcome to your new home.
SACJRP is new and growing community, under new management.
Hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication has brought SACJRP to the point it is at today.
We at SACJRP would like to afford you the opportunity to come and join the community.

Who are we?
San Andreas Criminal Justice RolePlay is a community currently attempting to create the best roleplay for any and all players on FiveM.
We are looking for more members to help expand the amount of roleplay hours and scenarios.
We are looking for new people who would be able to take roleplay seriously and bring growth and development to the server.
SACJRP would like to extend you a hand and offer you the best server and opportunity.
With that in mind we would like to be able to have a wholesome experience for all players.
SACJRP is not only for “old” roleplayers, SACJRP is not only for new roleplayers.
SACJRP believes that the community, members of SACJRP and public players, is the most important thing.

About Our Community
This is San Andreas Criminal Justice!
We hope that you will take a little of your time and read about our community. SACJ is not just a community but we are also a family. SACJ has friendly Directors, Admin, and Community Members. We are always looking for new members to join the family!
SACJ will help anybody and everybody, because at SACJ everyone matters. Everyone in SACJ are friendly, nice, funny, and enjoys new members. We at San Andreas Criminal Justice respect everyone because there is no community without you guys.
So please stop in and see if you enjoy yourself here at SACJ. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about our server. Make sure to stop in and check out the server to see if its a perfect fit for you! Rp for everyone is our moto!

What we Offer:
Public Server With Active Admin’s,
Custom Cars, Peds, and Scripts,
Great Administration,
Active Staff / Members,
Growing Community,

Why Should You Join This Community?
Active Staff/Members,
Open Departments,
Admin Postions,
Fun But Serious RP,

Own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
Must be 14 or Older,
Working Mic With No Background Noise,
Must Have Discord,
Must Have A Good Attitude,

State Trooper Department, OPEN
Sheriff Department, OPEN
Police Department/With Sandy Shores Police, OPEN
Fire Department, OPEN
Communication’s Department, OPEN
Civilian Department, OPEN!

Department Head’s:
State Trooper: Open Joey S. (1K-41)
Sheriff: Tyler W. (3S-01)
Police Chief: Camron M. (2B-01),
Fire Chief: Clayton,
Communication’s Department: Open,
Civilian Department: Open,

Joey S.
Matthew S.

SACJ FiveM: Server IP
Discord Link:

Yours Sincerely,
San Andreas Criminal Justice Staff Team.


BUMP Patrol is going on right now


Bump Patrol is starting in 40 mins we would love to see new faces come in and check out SACJ


Happy Holidays From SACJ


Do you guys need a head of any department?


We do but will not hand out postions must be show yourself in the server and want to keep going forward going up ranks


What Departments exactly?


Why does every/some server’s have DOJ in them…


Where do we have DOJ in our server?


Bump Still got alot of postions open


Says above
State trooper = open
Blaine county sheriffs office = open
Police department/ sandy shores police = open
Fire department = open
Communication’s Department = open
Civilian operations = open



Joey S.


Still Looking for Active Members we are Starting a Patrol lets see some new faces in the server come on in and say hello to everyone meet everyone and apply to become a cop


can you update discord link please


Discord Link has been updated thanks for letting us know


Patrol Starts at 6PM Central Time
Anyone can be a cop but must be in Discord and have someone spawn the car for you


RP Started join and get some great RP going


Bump Server ad has been updated
All Links Have Been Updated as far as the server ip and just added our website


Bump RP started come say Hello


Server IP
more custom cars added