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Welcome To San Andreas Cops Roleplay

San Andreas Cops Roleplay is an Emergency Services community, that strives for the most in depth and realistic roleplay experience possible. We want to bring a realistic, but entertaining roleplay experience to all that play on our server.

About San Andreas Cops

The San Andreas Cops Roleplay Community has been serving the public since August 2018. The approach to a realistic and professional environment is a combined aim of the San Andreas Cops Roleplay community, along with a family oriented Community and love of gaming. Here at SACRP we aim to achieve these tasks by having a Community of members who believe in a respectful and mature environment where we can build a willingness to learn and improving yourself and surroundings.

San Andreas Cops Roleplay is a way is to encourage people with a common interest in First Responders and Civilian Operations to join one of our many Departments offered :

  • Civilian Operations

  • San Andreas Emergency Communications

  • San Andreas Fire Department (Coming Soon)

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol

  • Los Santos Police Department

If you are not able to acquire a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V then we encourage you, for experience and to have the same sense of achievement, to join our Communications Department (SAEC). This allows members without the capabilities of being able to pursue an in-game career within the San Andreas Cops Roleplay Community, to pursue an important and ever-evolving career with our Communications Department (SAEC). Creating a thriving atmosphere of friendship and experience.

If you have any concerns or questions, contact our staff team in the comments below.

Some Pictures Of What We Offer

Here Are Some Pictures Of The Roleplay Toolbox That We Use For CIV / Fire & Rescue / LEO




We Use A Server Side Menu Instead Of Lambda Menu and other trainers, By Doing This We Keep The Roleplay Under Our Control

Our Staff / Leadership Team


J.Kremers | J.Kremers#3443 On Discord


Sean M. | Sean#8004 On Discord


Vacant - Please Contact J.Kremers#3443 or Sean#8004 On Discord For A Talk About The Rank

--------Head Administrator--------

Alex C. | Alex C.#6850 On Discord

--------All Other Staff Ranks Are Vacant---------

If Interested please Contact J.Kremers#3443 or Sean#8004 On Discord For A Talk About A Rank

How To Apply

We San Andreas Cops Roleplay Use A Application System to review all application as easy and as fast as possible , this way of submitting a application is not that boring and is totally different from other community’s , There will be a full guide on how to make an application with SACRP as well as joining our discord and teamspeak 3 server. what we did is whenever we mark you as denied you will not recieve a discord and teamspeak 3 server IP so all our communications are members only, that way we do not get toxic behavior between people. if you do get accepted you get some extra buttons on the application wich lead to our discord and teamspeak 3 server. These links are not allowed to be given to ANYONE and if you are caught doing so you will be permanently banned from the community.

Here Is The Full Guide

Make Sure To Read The 3 Rules / Requirements that you MUST HAVE

  • Step 2 : Click On The “Sign Up” Button at the top and make an account with your Main email.

  • Step 3 : When You Have Made Your Account Click On “APPLY NOW” And Fill Out The Application

Quick Note : Please take time and effort in your application! It makes the difference in getting accepted or not! Please Answer All Question In 2 To 3 Sentences If You Have More Than 3 Sentences You Have An Even Bigger Chance Of Getting Accepted.

  • Step 4 : After You Submit Your Application You Should Be Able To Check Your Application Status (Recommended to check this 2 to 3 times a day to see if the application has been reviewed).

  • Step 5 : If You Got Denied Then You Will Have To Re-Apply At A Later Date, If You Got Accepted Here Is What You Have To Do.

The Application Software tells you that your application is accepted wich you can see on the picture in the green box, after that just follow the instructions below the green button and click on the blue button the continue to the interview part of your application.

  • Step 6 : Now you have 2 Buttons, One With Join Discord And One With Join Interview Teamspeak. Please Join Both And Stay In Them, **Please Read The Discription On The Image Below For Further Instructions

**Please Join Both , Teamspeak and discord , stay in both. when you click “Join Interview Teamspeak” It Will Ask You To Open The Teamspeak 3 Client “Click YES” When it opens it automatically Connects You To Our Teamspeak 3 Server, Please Join The “Waiting For Interview Room 1 or 2”.

  • Step 7 : Teamspeak 3, Please Join The “Waiting For Interview Room 2” And Wait For A Staff or Application Team Member To Interview You And Give You A Complete Tour Of How The Server Works And Some Basic Rules. THIS INTERVIEW WILL BE RECORDED FOR RECRUITMENT REASONS

(Please Take This Interview Really Serious Because Thats What We Expect From You) The Interviewer Will Also Will Give You A Date And Time Of When The Next Training Session Is. Make Sure To Be At Training, And Join Patrols Whenever You Are In Our Server Because We Need Active People. If Not You Will Be Kicked For Inactivity After 3 Weeks Exact.

Extra Information

San Andreas Cops Roleplay Community 2018 ©

Looking for a brand new home! Have past experience from management to staff! ONLY SERIOUS Inquiries only!

We Had Our First 7 Applications, all interviews have been processed and LEO Training will be tomorrow. Come Join Today For Some Great Roleplay.


Multiple training’s and interviews will take place tomorrow for LEO’s! Come apply today and take part in our awesome community!


Bump join today for our first rp’s on the server

Join us at and submit your application today