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Welcome To San Andreas Cops Roleplay

San Andreas Cops Roleplay is an Emergency Services community, that strives for the most in depth and realistic roleplay experience possible. We want to bring a realistic, but entertaining roleplay experience to all that play on our server.

About San Andreas Cops

The San Andreas Cops Roleplay Community has been serving the public since november 2018. The approach to a realistic and professional environment is a combined aim of the San Andreas Cops Roleplay community, along with a family oriented Community and love of gaming. Here at San Andreas Cops Roleplay we aim to achieve these tasks by having a Community of members who believe in a respectful and mature environment where we can build a willingness to learn and improving yourself and surroundings.

San Andreas Cops Roleplay is a way is to encourage people with a common interest in First Responders and Civilian Operations to join one of our many Departments offered :

  • Civilian Operations

  • San Andreas Emergency Communications

  • San Andreas Fire Department

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  • San Andreas State Patrol

  • Los Santos Police Department

If you are not able to acquire a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V then we encourage you, for experience and to have the same sense of achievement, to join our Communications Department (SAEC). This allows members without the capabilities of being able to pursue an in-game career within the San Andreas Cops Roleplay Community, to pursue an important and ever-evolving career with our Communications Department (SAEC). Creating a thriving atmosphere of friendship and experience.

If you have any concerns or questions, contact our staff team in the comments below.

Some Pictures Of What we offer

Here Are Some Pictures Of The Roleplay Toolbox That We Use For CIV / Fire & Rescue / LEO

Pictures Of The Roleplay Menu/Toolbox









How To Apply

We San Andreas Cops Roleplay Use A Application System to review all application as easy and as fast as possible , this way of submitting a application is not that boring and is totally different from other community’s , There will be a full guide on how to make an application with San Andreas Cops Roleplay as well as joining our discord and teamspeak 3 server. what we did is whenever we mark you as denied you will not recieve roles on discord so all our communications are members only, that way we do not get toxic behavior between people. if you do get accepted you get some extra buttons on the application wich lead to our discord and teamspeak 3 server. (This is to get into our discord to get Important information about the San Andreas Cops Community) (You can join our interview discord where you will have to wait for an FTO or FTA to interview you and answer your questions and point you in the right direction).

Our Head Administration

J.Kremers#3443 | On Discord

Shane M.#3254 | On Discord

Techie#2695 | On Discord

Extra Information

Patrol times (Timezone GMT +1 and EST):

Monday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Tuesday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Wednesday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Thursday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Friday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Saturday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST
Sunday: 9:30 PM GMT +1 / 3:30 PM EST

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Developer Needs Server To Join
Up for hire as dispatcher!
Looking for good Whitelisted server out there
Looking For Good FiveM Community Out There
Up for hire as a Dispatcher!
Total noob to gta rp, in need of some help
Server Dev Looking For A New Home
Dispatcher for hire
Want to become a dispatcher in a community

Great community, Join


Just saying that you might want to update the Discord link when people are accepted. It does not work for me at least (it’s expired).


I’m sorry i was not aware of this problem it will be fixed in about 5 minutes.

EDIT : The problem has been fixed.


This server looks pretty good hope it works out :grinning:


Thank you I Appreciate your comment I have seen your post to and I have to say that I like it :smiley:


San Andreas Cops Roleplay Officially Opened on 12/9/2018

I Would like to introduce you all to san andreas cops roleplay, A new community that has big plans for the future and has the resources to provide you a roleplay experience that you won’t forget. Our administration team does everything to make your application and interview process as easy as possible.

Some Information About SACRP

  • You MUST be 14 or older to join

  • We have 3 LEO Departments (SASP) , (BCSO) , (LSPD)

  • We have 1 Communications Office (Dispatch)

  • We have 1 Civilian Operations Departement (Civilian)

Some Quick Statements Before You Join

  • You MUST be 14 or older to join

  • Applications can sometimes take up to a day to get accepted (It Depends On How Busy The Recruitment Team Is With Real Life And Applications , Interviews , Examinations, Ect…

  • We have a full Rules & Regulations document setup that you will have to follow when you join and you agree to as soon as you submit your application

  • We are a new community so don’t judge us when you join the discord because its set so people can’t see every channel (For recruitment purposes)

Join Us Today At :


I have applied, can’t wait to here response!


The email has a dead discord link. I was also not provided a proper interview date. Poor default email bot you got LOL.


Thank you for the response we are looking into this issue. Discord sometimes likes to expire the links.


Well may you provide me a new link please?


Yes sir we have pushed an update and I’m sending you a new link in DM’s


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


That was a question,


Just finished my application.


Amazing community


Could I get the link to discord in DM’s? Cause I can’t launch discord from it…


Could i get the name that you applied with on the application system? Because if you are not in there I’m not allowed to give that to you.

EDIT : My bad you applied on the old system we used I’m sending you the discord right now. I Send you a PM with all the details.

I Hope to see you soon
SACRP Head Administration


Still Recruiting

Hello everyone. I’m here to announce that we are still recruiting members at this time.
Soon we are gonna get a full new vehicle fleet for our state department so don’t miss out and join today. We will make sure that you get started as fast as possible. I Will list some ranks that need to be filled at this time.


  • Dispatch Director

  • Dispatch assistant Director

  • Lead Development

  • Recruit ranks for all department wich we need active members for.

  • Recruitment Team (Interview Staff , Training Staff , Examination Staff) Ect…


  • You MUST be 15 or older to join

  • You MUST Be willing to go through interview, examination and training process.

  • You MUST Be dedicated to RP and Look at things that you want to improve. Not leave the community because you don’t like how things go.

  • We want active members so keep yourself to the rules and if you need a break put in a LOA Form.

Who to contact

Please contact me in Pm’s on the forums or on discord at J.kremers#3443 For one of these ranks or apply below to become a recruit in one of the LEO Departments or Our Civilian Department.

Discord Link :

Our Website :

If you would like to join us. Apply Here :


Hey, I looked at your website and did not see anything about Dispatching. Please add me on discord @ John Sutter #3701 if you still need dispatchers.