Experience RP without any power tripping, egos or boundries!

Website: sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com

Check out our promo video to see a snapshot of what we offer!!


Currently testing out the possibility of using ELS in the server.

If you are looking for a community to call home - join us today!


Experience a community without any power tripping, egos or department boundaries! Roll as any department you wish! Submit your application TODAY to get started!!

Website: sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com

Check out our promo video to see a snapshot of what we offer!!


Great community!
Glad to be called a member of this community, Join Today:


Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Join Today: sanandreas911.com



Bumping it up. Here are a few pictures of some of our new vehicle fleet:

Discord: http://discord.sanandreas911.com
Website: http://sanandreas911.com


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Still actively recruiting LEO, Civs and we are looking to open up the Fire Department!


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Been going strong for over 2 years now. Need a professional roleplaying experience? Stop by!


Are you tired of 14 year old kids? How about all the power tripping and egos you find everywhere? Well look no further. We do not have ranks, everyone is equal. All LEOs may play as any department they wish, at any time they wish.

Apply with us today.



Searching for a new community? We might just be what you are looking for!



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We have changed our age requirement. In order to provide a more mature and realistic RP environment, we are now only accepting members 18+.



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A look at our BCSO livery:


San Andreas Emergency Services


Who are we?

The original San Andreas Emergency Services
Serving since 2016

Website: http://sanandreas911.com
Teamspeak: ts3.sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com

San Andreas Emergency Services (SAES) is a FiveM Roleplay community that has been roleplaying together since 2016. We are a group of professional individuals who enjoy roleplaying. Many of our members have real-life experience in law enforcement, fire, EMS, and dispatch. Our goal is simple, to provide the best roleplay experience while maintaining professionalism and realism. Our goal is to have all patrols and roleplays be fun, enjoyable, and realistic. We are able to accomplish this goal by being extremely selective on those who become members with us.

What’s different here?

For starters, our community runs on a very limited rank structure. We believe one of the biggest issues that plague the FiveM community are those who are just seeking to be the bosses of others. To limit that possibility and keep those members out, we have very few positions in which discipline can be given. We also require all of our members to be 18 years old or older, with the ONLY exclusions being our current members who were accepted before this rule was placed in effect.

What do you offer?

We offer multiple things to our members. Here is a brief list:

  • Custom CAD/MDT made by our Communications Director
  • ESX Framework, with customizations made for our community
  • Custom Non-ELS Car pack (LSPD, BCSO, SASP, Fire/Rescue)
  • Custom Ped’s (Server Sided EUP)
  • Custom Civilian Cars
  • Custom Scripts
  • Active patrols
  • Whitelisted

What are your requirements?

  • Possess a desktop/laptop that is capable of running TS3, Discord, and/or any other websites that might be required
  • Must be at least 18 years of age on the day you apply. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Must be able to understand and speak the English language
  • Possess a working and clear sounding headset (little to no feedback from speakers/microphone)
  • Must be connected to SAES Community Discord http://discord.sanandreas911.com

Do you have what it takes?

I hope to see you soon then!

Drake Johnson
San Andreas Communications
Communications Director


Going old school running radar on 13 :sunglasses:


Patrolling tonight! Ask a recruiter how you could get in game tonight!