San Andreas Emergency Services

The original San Andreas Emergency Services
Serving since 2016

Website: http://sanandreas911.com
Teamspeak: ts3.sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com

Hello, and welcome to the official recruitment post for our community! We are a group of professional individuals where many of us are law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and dispatchers in real life. Our goal is to provide an incredibly realistic yet fun roleplay experience for all of our members. We are a 16+ community, and we are very selective in our recruitment process to ensure a professional and realistic roleplay experience. We have an extensive and thorough training program that every member must complete before participating in our patrols. If you have never played FiveM before, we take the time to train you on the basics of FiveM.

Our community allows all individuals who are LEOs to play as any department they wish, at any time they wish. We have multiple advanced training, certification and subdivision opportunities that are available to members as well. There is no rank structure, meaning everyone is the same rank. What that does for us is prevents and micro-managing, power tripping, or otherwise undesirable behavior from our members. We have the philosophy of everyone is welcome, everyone is family.

In addition to LEOs, we are also recruiting for Civilians, Fire/Rescue, and Communications.

Server features:

  • ESX Framework, with modest changes and customizations
  • Jobs, houses, economy system, stores, robbable banks/stores, drugs, etc
  • Completely custom non-ELS car pack (LSPD, BCSO, SASP, Fire/Rescue)
  • Custom Ped Models (Including Server Sided EUP)
  • Custom Civ Cars
  • Custom scripts
  • Active patrols every night, many of them statewide (Help us beat our goal of 20 online!)
  • CAD/MDT (Made from scratch by one of our members)

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing you in game!

Director Jeff S #101
San Andreas Emergency Services

Promo Video:

Police Interaction Script Showcase/Tutorial (Skip to 6:50 to see a traffic stop)


Bump! After a few months (real life stuff) I am ready to commit a lot of time to getting this community back up and running!

Please join the discord and lets chat about where you can fit in on our server! We are 100% ready to launch, with only a few minor things left to be completed.

Also, I am working on getting a few screenshots uploaded of the server and CAD.



SAES is still actively hiring and looking for dependable staff! Join the Discord for questions and send in your application on the website.

See ya there!

Website: http://sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com


Bumping it up.

We are still looking for active members to join our ranks in the emergency services!

We are also still looking for a Fire Chief! If you have experience, please reach out to me ([101] Jeff S.) on discord and lets chat and see if you are a good fit!



Still looking for active members to fill positions including: BCSO Deputies, LSPD Officers, SAHP troopers, Fire, and EMS! Join our Discord server today for answers to any questions you may have and send in your application on our website!

Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com
Website: https://sanandreas911.com


Bumping it up! Get on right now and patrol with us tonight!


We are patroling TONIGHT! Come join us!


Added screenshots to the first post of our departments, M-Menu and our CAD/MDT!


Great community! Active and friendly staff!


Fantastic community! Have truly friendly and dedicated staff members that want to help the community have a fun and realistic role-playing experience. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


Bumping it up!



Patrolling tonight! Come on in the discord and lets get you involved tonight!


Custom vehicle models have been imported for our State Patrol! Come check them out!

A lot of people ask me what kind of server this is - this is not a life RP server. This is a trainer based server where you can roleplay as whomever whenever you want. There is no grind with us. You come in, apply and immediately join in on the fun!


Amazing community, great staff, we need numbers! Come by and talk to us, we will answer any questions you need!

Discord: https://discord.gg/drYMUJs


Bump, come in the discord and lets have a chat to see if you fit in with us!



We are still actively recruiting for the following departments:

Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff Office
San Andreas State Patrol
Fire & Medical Emergency Services
San Andreas Communications
Civilians Operations

Unable to run GTAV or simply do not want to? No problem! We are able to offer positions that help the community to continue running smoothly, and those are as follow:

TeamSpeak Moderator / Administrator
Forum Moderator / Administrators
Tech Support
Human Resources
Recruitment & Public Relations


Website: http://sanandreas911.com
Teamspeak: ts3.sanandreas911.com
Discord: discord.sanandreas911.com


Bumping it up! Join us today!


Howdy folks! Why not come join us in tonights patrol? We will have open interviews - come in and RP as a LEO and we can see if you are a good fit!


Hey folks!

We are actively looking for a Chief for the Los Santos Police Department!

Hop on discord today and lets have a chat to see if you are fit for the position!


Hey all,

We still need a chief for the LSPD! If you have experience in department leadership - come join us today!