SADOD recruiting new players


Hello I am the founder of San Andreas Department Of Defense I am currently looking for more players that actively role play seriously and are looking for a friendly community that you can call home. If you are interested about my group don’t hesitate to ask for more info.

Visit us at teamspeak info is on the homepage come and get to know us Monday 8th 6pm central standard time.


All positions available.


I love touch on the server admin car, really love it


I appreciate it man.


All emergency services are hiring in sadod, apply on our website above follow the homepage for information. We would love to see more people in game!


We are still recruiting at this time, also looking for a cad/mdt systems if anyone knows anyone that makes them.


LMAO that admin car! Haha. Brilliant idea!


Appreciate it I thought it was pretty funny when I came up with the idea. Hopefully it doesn’t piss off or offend anyone.


direct connect ip please?


everything is on the website.


I think FiveM has some, if not I can help look for some


I’m good we got our Cad system thank you though


aye, I wasnt sure when this was posted, I just let ya know


i can help just let me know