!-S11-! Signal 11 Roleplay | ACTIVE GIVEAWAY FOR NEW MEMBERS! | CHP,LASD | Updated Discord Link! |with white list dept, looking for experienced roleplayers



Populated Cali Roleplay server with staff that are willing to work with you not against you. We are always hiring and would love to have you be apart of our community! Join here: Type that in your Direct Connect or server search us at Signal 11 Roleplay

Here is our discord as well tailored just for you!

Discord: Join here!

Thank you for joining we hope to see you have some great RP in the sunny state of Cali!


Damn this looks DOPE im gonna join :smile:


Yo ya’ll need to join this they don’t have many members but this is an awesome discord :smile:


It is a really fun server and has really nice people i had and will have fun!


I need a new discord invite. :slight_smile:


may i get a discord link please



We just started so we don’t have many members if you want you can invite anyone that may be interested