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Hiya, my fellow FiveM-Enthusiasts!

Our server had a name back when FiveReborn was still a thing about a year ago. We made a re-launch on CitizenFX (FiveM) a few weeks back! As of the stats of the past week, our server has been increasing in population, with a peak of 11 players online simultaneously! We love to increase our community with players that keep coming back to us, and to get to know the rest of our community. Our server features a FREEROAM and MESS-AROUND experience, rather than all the Serious-Roleplay servers out there. In short terms: You’re always allowed to roleplay, but you’re NOT forced to!

Server features:

  • Modded (add-on) Cars, Ships, Aircraft and Military Vehicles.
  • Modded (replacement) Weapons and Cars.
  • An oldschool mess-around/freeroam perspective with requirement of the client-sided Lambda Menu to be able to fully enjoy the server.
  • Optional Roleplaying; It is always allowed to do, but no must.
  • Client-sided scripts and trainers etc. allowed.
  • Hosted on a powerful desktop at home. (GTX 1080, i7 7700k @ 4.5GHz, 8 GB VRAM, 16 GB RAM - And a reliable, steady internet connection. (Low lag))
  • Hosted in the Netherlands. (Best ping choice for Central-European players, but we’ve had Canadians and Americans joining with no problems so far.)

Server plans of development:

  • Adding a money/jobs/shop system so the server will also be playable for the more serious players that like to actually earn money and buy stuff with it, rather than spawning everything and messing around. (Please note that this feature will go ALONGSIDE the usage of the client-sided trainers etc. out there, which means if players want, they can farm money by spawning cars and selling them afterwards, but actually has no use at all because if this system will be implemented, its goal will be that players without a menu can also enjoy the same server with a different perspective.

  • Adding more modded (either add-on or replacements) stuff, for example: Motorcycles, Clothing, Weapons and maybe even new maps which will be added locations to the original Los Santos map.

A great “Thanks!” to all of our supporters so far! The server we have now already surpassed the popularity of our older server from FiveReborn! We’ll do our best to keep updating and improving the server to make it an enjoyable and noob-friendly environment for every single player out there!

(NOTE: A Steam Group Page for the server will be created shortly with all the add-on vehicle names on it, for all of you to spawn using the Lambda Menu’s “Spawn-By-Name” vehicle spawn option!)

Thanks for reading, and hope we’ll see you on our server soon!

Let 'em have it…!
~ Sirion


Should just use a VPS, no need for such high specs :wink:


It’s my motto. xD

“If you’re gonna do something, you’re gonna do it right.”


Well i mean, you’re doing it wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you are misunderstanding, the ‘host’ which is the first person to join the server takes all of the weight and workload. The server acts as a synchronous orchestration system to update clients’ their positions, as well as distributing resources when first joining the server, which all-in-all doesn’t need a strong CPU at all and consumes little bandwidth. Just a heads up XD


I highly suggest not using you’re home network to host servers like this on it.
even though you have fibre or high speed cable just don’t.
If one salty kid comes in and act’s like a kid you will get booter attacks left/right.
Just get a simple vps if you don’t have enough money for hosting as a vps is sufficient.

From dutch guy to another dutch guy.
Komop Je begrijpt tog wel dat dit nooit goed gaat komen? zoveel kindjes hier die servers ddossen?


@IllusiveTea and @shayan_doust, it is my own PC, where I do everything with, including gaming. So no, I’m not “doing it wrong”; I’m using my PC to game on as well, which actually does not require me to have an additional server inside my house. Though I’m not really sure what you, IllusiveTea, mean by trying to say that I am doing it wrong, as to be perfectly honest, there’s nothing “wrong” with my PC. And on reply to @JayJax: I’m aware of the risks, and got precautions. Money is no issue for me. The main issue for me is the exact same thing as I had with my old server: I’m not sticking to just one game. I’m all into FiveM right now, but can be that I leave the game for example next month, and don’t look at it for a few months anymore before getting back to it. Having a server running continuously without people playing on it and without me being constantly maintaining it is kind of a waste of money in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong guys, not trying to be a butthurt or anything… But I just try to increase the server’s playerbase. Though I appreciate you guys took the effort to check out my post, but it wasn’t really the comments that I’d expect. More stuff like: “Sure, I’ll check it out some day!” You know what I’m saying? Again: Not meant in a wrong way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Servers aren’t really intended to be hosted locally unless it’s just for testing I’d say, as the security issue come into play, and I mean I pay £7 a month for my vps which is capable of running fivem server perfectly and in the end could be cheaper than leaving your pc on just to run it


Though you don’t 100% understand my living situation. To say it as short as I can: I don’t pay my electricity bills myself.