Ryze RP | Join our ranks!

Who are we?
We are a brand new community looking to develop a good and strict RP server. We are 2 developers on the team right now working on the server a lot. We’ve put together a first pass which is live for testing as we speak. We take 100% of players feedback and put it back into the server, this is our goal to have a server the way people want it to be.

We are looking for:
Serious RP players who are willing to fulfill our most important roles which are: Police, EMS, Car dealer, Mechanics, Taxi, Real estate and even more so we can start role-playing and testing for real ! If you don’t want a serious role, we also are looking for regular players.

Features: (for now)

  • Imported cars
  • Whitelisted jobs managed as Societies (Police, EMS, Car dealer, Mechanic, Taxi, Real Estate and more to come)
  • Legal jobs system
  • Hard and soft handcuff system for police
  • EMS death notifications through phone (police when no EMS online)
  • Dynamic garage storage
  • Impound lot
  • Phone system with private calls and text messages
  • Hidden drugs system (Gathering, processing and selling areas) (Weed and Meth for now)
  • Vehicle inventory system
  • Players can rob other players
  • Notification system for Police when crimes happen
  • Security cams
  • DMV school
  • Gun stores with black market gun store
  • Queue system
  • Updated inventory HUD
  • Personal properties
  • Vehicle lock system (locals cars have 5% chance of being unlocked)
  • Retail stores that can be robbed
  • Fully listening dev team who wants to work with the community
  • Many more features to come…

If you’re willing to join our community and help us build it, join us on Discord : Ryze Discord Server
We want the server to be live soon, we’ll see you there!

Ryze RP Dev Team.

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This is 100% accurate great fun and friendly server, small but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the environment, The devs listen and make changes based on responses, and make new things to do all the time.

I’ve been away from FiveM for about 2 years and they happily allowed me to join, and have listened to everything I’ve had to say including my suggestions.

This is one of the most best and most ever changing server I’ve seen, these developers are great about keeping things up to date and working.

So what do I have to say about Ryze, its an awesome growing community and great people to hang out with an chat with. If you decide to join, let them know Mr. Carter sent you, and looking forward to seeing you there and hanging out! They also have a discord if you’re interested in joining.
Discord: https://discord.gg/U2HMgUn

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