Ryze RP is back ! We need you!


Who are we?
We are a brand new community looking to host and develop a good RP server. We are 2 devs on the team right now working on the server. We’ve put together a first pass which is ready for testing.

We are looking for:
Serious RP players who are willing to fulfill our most important roles which are: Police, EMS, Car dealer, Mechanics, Taxi, Real estate and even more so we can start RPing and testing for real ! If you don’t want a serious role, we also are looking for regular players.


  • Imported cars
  • Whitelisted jobs managed as Societies (Police, EMS, Car dealer, Mechanic, Taxi, Real Estate and more to come)
  • Legal jobs system
  • Hard and soft handcuff system for police
  • EMS death notifications through phone (police when no EMS online)
  • Dynamic garage storage
  • Impound lot
  • Phone system with private calls and text messages
  • Hidden drugs system (Gathering, processing and selling areas)
  • Vehicle inventory system
  • Players can rob other players
  • Notification system for Police when crimes happen
  • Security cams
  • DMV school
  • Gun stores with black market gun store
  • Queue system
  • Updated inventory HUD
  • Personal properties
  • Vehicle lock system
  • Retail stores that can be robbed
  • Fully listening dev team who wants to work with the community
  • Many more features to come…

If you’re willing to join our community and help us build it, join us on Discord : Ryze Discord Server
We want the server to be live soon, we’ll see you there!

Ryze RP Dev Team.