Rusty Road Role Play | Looking For staff | Civilians | Department Heads |



Hello all of FiveM!

Today I would like to introduce this lovely community that has just started.

The name of it is Rusty Road Role Play.

We have Just got the server up today along with getting some bugs. See what I mean? Hehe.

So lets spill the beans.

The current owner is Logan ST. 1A-01.

We are currently looking for Staff, Department heads and Civilian Operations manager. Also along with that we are looking for Civilians.

What we bring?

We currently have in the server well not much staff but are looking for some!

An active and fun owner.
Custom cars.
Major Fun.
Serious Role Play.
The members that are here are very Friendly.
Proper Scripts Put in.
Hardly no lag.

Departments :


Here is our Discord :
Website :

Age Requirement to join and play is currently 13-14+

If you are younger we do not care. as long as you know how to Role Play properly for this community.