[RUS] Russian server. Serious RP




Russian community! IGRA Life Roleplay is currently looking for members to add to our server GTA 5 RP. We are a serious role play server that aims realism. Every decision we think about society as a whole, while maintaining each individual player. We work hard to provide a great experience overall with memorable role-playing moments.

We offer a wide range of unique features to players.

Events conducted by government (often)
Active serious police force
Changes on Russian language
Functional economy with investment system
The need for hunger and thirst
Whitelisted Cops, Medics, Mechanic, Banker and Real Estate
Car dealers
Functional phone to call services
…and much more
Join us! We know that you will enjoy your time in IGRA Life Roleplay Servers.

**Server information: **
Server Direct Connect IP:
Discord: discordapp.com/channels/354741222809796618
*Web site: https://vk.com/igrarp