RPStories | Next Generation Server | New features every week | looking for loyal staff members, EMS, Police, Civilians



RPStories is a Serious Roleplay server that strides in Roleplay. Weather it comes to being a civilian or State employee regardless of Age, Gender, Race every member of the Community is treated the same as everyone else.

        ----- Whats Different between us and other communities ---

Here at RPStories is a list of things we do and will do for new members and Our guarentee to the community

  1. Stuff the community wants for better RP
  2. Community first
  3. Professionalism
  4. Passion
  5. Dedication
  6. whitelisting community
  7. Priority que for the Passionate member.

Those 7 things listed above are the main things we strive at doing to make the community a better place.

We have so much stuff to make the city real as possible including

  1. Jobs - Whitelisted and some community jobs

  2. Police - Academy and pure training for all Deputies that apply

  3. EMS - CPR training Situation training and Full hands on RP training

  4. Custom Stuff - Interiors, Houses, Cars, Weapons

  5. Black Jack card game - Must find out in Roleplay

  6. golf - Golf course has full golf around the golf course

  7. Special Items - Rope, Handcuffs, Repairkits, Garbage Bags, Digi Scanners and so much more

  8. Black Market weapons that can be baught in Roleplay

  9. City Events such as Drag racing, Community night, and much more

  10. Properties - See our Realestate agent to buy anything that is for sale in San Andreas

  11. Slot machines - Location Custom Casino
    12 Buses - A civilian can pick a civilian or AI up and take them to there destination.
    so much more to see in RPStories

                       ---- Stories begin here ------

Come here to RPStories and start your story here. We strive in making your story interactive, Heart felt, Emotional, Realistic and Bonding… Do the story you want and do a story with who you want. There is no clause about you having to perma your character here. You can have multiple or triple the stories with the ability to create as many characters as you like. Be what you want your character to be and live the life of your character right here on RPStories

                 ----- Everyones opinion Matters here ----

Everyone that comes to RPStories always get the warm welcome they deserve. We know people go to other communities that lie about letting people do what they strive in doing in Roleplay. Well you can to the right place theres no Limits there is no Boundaries to what you do. As long as its not rule breaking or Breaking RP situations. Community Votes happen all the time on things here. For a briefing of stuff thats been done and added to the City. New Civ vehicles, New Jobs, Businesses, Cartel, Bikers and alot more.

                             ---- Dev Team ----

Our dev team on RPStories works with the community and the Community is open to help test everything that goes Live. Some development work is Custom to a certain Community members character for RP reasons. Our development team is the most reliable development team that never quits never complains about work and is Very Professional and Works hard on everything for our community…

               ---- What were looking for and where to begin ----

Simple things were looking for look below

  1. Civilians - community members
  2. EMS - Apply on discord
  3. Police - Apply on discord for academy
  4. passionate members
  5. Loyal and trust worthy
  6. Goals for there characters
  7. Love Roleplaying

Our Server is open to the public At all times at this direct connect
Public Discord for all Community members https://discord.gg/Mg6yaE3

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you in the city…

From all of us at RPStories. We would love for you to make us your home.

Community Staff Leader and Owner and Co Owner
Matthew Lentz aka Truegamer01
Cassandra Lentz aka im_hardertokidnap