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RPLegend - We have been working on building the most immersive, entertaining roleplay server. The servers built by and in support of content creators for Twitch,YouTube, etc. Some with massive followings. We’re in need of a starter player base in order to get the bigger players in which will increase traffic passively. I hope you guys will consider joining us to help us build this dream community for all of us.

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vBm2CzU
Forums: https://rplegend.com
Server IP:

Looking for a community to join

Added dynamic weather.
Time-sync should be fixed.
Hilly-billy gang now non-aggressive. (Other gangs are aggressive).

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Added a new Police Department/Station (Blaine County Sheriffs Office).
Added in-game police radio’s (CAPS to enable sound + animation then speak or push to talk at same time).
Added a clothing menu for better Police/EMS customization (/eup to open the menu).
Fixed weed processing limit.
Added a chance of tripping when jumping.
Decreased size of weed processing red marker.
Added plastic surgery where you can re-create your whole character for $5000 (Bottom floor of hospital).
Added playable K-9’s with animation menu (F5).
Added LSPD, BCSO and EMS custom vehicles.
Added Tattoo Shop.
Changed job centre blip.
Increased speed of Police GT350R.
Changed stamina to unlimited to allow the K-9’s to work.

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Added in-game mic clicks (radio sound).
Increased speed of police cars.
Changed key of Baitcar menu from Y to F9.
Added finger point animation. (B)
Added cruise control (F7).

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Added private night clubs for unknown organisation with real music and lockable doors. GPS/Radar only displays in drivers seat of a vehicle.
Added the ability to rob other players and drag them (Need handcuffs and rope from 24/7 market). Changed look of street names.
Removed original GTA:O street names.
Removed, weapon stats, save game and vehicle name/class from HUD. Added a voice bar to HUD for cleaner look.
Changed starting balance to $5,000 instead of $10,000. May have fixed phones, needs to be tested.

Added/removed music to the club. Added automatic restarts at 7am, 3pm and 10pm GMT.
Server now checks for crashes every 5 minutes.


Added plate reader to police radar.
Added plate to car jack alerts (Will make print to chat soon).

Fixed auto restarts, finally.
Added player-owned stores, some which are robbable (Only for food, water, fix kits, handcuffs and rope).
Fixed phone calls (Must wait a few minutes for contact to register when adding).


Added licence, boat and aircraft shops.
Added DMV (Driver’s licence is now needed to buy from car dealership).
Added a taxi meter (CTRL+G).
Added Pillbox hospital with working doors and /bed command.
Added fuel system with working jerry cans.
Changed time till respawn from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
Removed some liveries from the ambulance.
Moved blackmarket location and changed marker type.
Club owner can now enable/disable music via the F6 menu.
Moved music marker to the actual DJ booth.
Police should now be able to check/remove licences.
Enabled radar/gps for passengers of a vehicle.
Disabled expanded radar from holding shift.
Changed hot key of handcuff menu for civs to SHIFT+G.
Added custom police bike.
Disabled seat shuffling in vehicles.
Food/thirst now decreases at half the rate it was.
Fixed jail visitors getting stuck.


Fixed locks from outside of emergency vehicles.
Added trunk inventory to vehicles to store weapons and items (Vans have higher storage).
Fixed super cars and helicopters from being restricted.
Changed speed and reduced wheel spin on police vehicles.
Changed QRV ambulance speed.
Tazer effect now keeps you on the ground longer.
Fixed not being able to buy another licence when revoked (Don’t buy it twice).
Changed price of driver’s licence from $3,000 to $1,500.
Added /report (message) command with ability for admins to message players (Maybe this will keep most admin situations out of character?).
Mispelled commands will no longer show up in chat.
Added /ad command.

Players now ragdoll when shot in leg. Instanced/solo session players now get kicked. Added more noticeable visual damage to vehicles.
Increased visual vehicle damage.
Added robbable stores and banks generate cash over-time.
Changed entrance system lscustoms and benny’s.
Added Jerry Can to gunstores.
Removed AI heli’s/planes spawning at airports.


Vangelico (Jeweler) now requires 2 cops online to rob.
Changed warning light ELS key from U to G. Fixed vehicle locks for all vehicles (Tested slightly but not for long).
Weapons with ammo now store in vehicles at 1kg per bullet.
Fixed robbable stores, need a gun to see marker and it now gives dirty money.
Vehicle mods should now save without having to store vehicle.
Mechanics can only now upgrade your vehicles.
Updated /me to show above players head instead of chat.
Added /looc.



  • Lowered price of plastic surgery from 5000 to 1500.
  • Removed inventory hud temporary for ammo fix.
  • Made money laundry blip visible.
  • Changed money laundry system for clubs and disabled closing hours.
  • Removed company money laundry for mechanics
  • Added whistle (Hold ‘,’).
  • Removed ‘Withdraw weapon’ and ‘Withdraw object’ from police armory.
  • Police armory now gives 1000 ammo instead of 100.
  • When depositing a weapon to ‘Derek’ you now keep all your ammo.
  • Added working boat trailers to boat shop (Must have a car/truck with tow ball).
  • Removed Marquis from boat shop.
  • Added fishing, boat rentals, illegal fish, etc (All you need is fishing rod and a boat).
  • Fixed employee list for businesses.
  • New phone system.
  • Removed /twt seen as though it’s now done through the phone.
  • General fixes.


  • Fixed shops.
  • Vehicle damage has been slightly modified.
  • Lowered price of fish.


  • Phone now works in emergency vehicles.
  • Increased distance to attach boats to trailer.
  • Fixed instant death when using radio/hand on gun animations in water.
  • New NUI for job center.