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Welcome to RPDays Community, where you can enjoy playing RP as much as you want :slight_smile: Our main priority is not esthetic or design, but server performance, stability, and bug fixes, so we mainly focus on that, so the game is playable and it is amazing, besides that we customize things and menus.

Right now we are looking people for whitelisted jobs:

  • Police Department
  • EMS

Server IP:

I am happy to announce to you that everything on the server works as it should, at least to my knowledge :smiley:

We also have those features and feature updates:

  • 7 Custom cars - We will add more of them, but we need user suggestions in Discord
  • EMS with Dispatch in Discord
  • Police with Dispatch in Discord
  • Snow map
  • New Gun Stores
  • Discord community and server runs up on Discord, I feel more close to people that way :slight_smile:
  • Los Santos Customs
  • Custom Scripted Garages
  • Legion Square is a place where basically EMS/PD collect in free time or wait time and talk to each other
  • Custom Scripted Gun Stores


  • Join our Discord: Discord
  • Must own a legal copy of GTA 5
  • Must speak fluent English

Head Administration:

  • MatoXD#9114
  • Husyit#0179


  • African warlord#2847



The top speed :blush:


I hope you all like the loading screen :slight_smile: I might remaster it a little


New BMW M5 looks so nice :heart_eyes:


In next updateโ€ฆ :blush: Nissan 370Z Nismo 2016


I am also adding this beast, everyone feel free to join our server :smiley:


Just edited my Nissan GTR Nismo 2017 To lime green and upgraded it :smirk:


We have just added some new bug fixes and new stuff :wink: If you join our discord, you can take a look at it



  • Added completely renewed scoreboard - Now on DELETE button - NVM, back to โ€˜Zโ€™
    • Showing Whitelisted jobs online
    • Different style - BEAUTIFUUUUUL
  • Added street labels next to map :slight_smile:
  • Added connection queue, cuz we have to much players :cry:
  • Added criminal record for the police, but couldnโ€™t test it
  • Added weather sync - Admins
  • COMPOLETELY NEW LOADIN SCREEN, MUST CHECK IT OUT :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


Making a new update again :blush:


New update out :smiley: Hope you will enjoy it


Again, with new fixes :smiley: Now redesigning menus and repositioning things :slight_smile:


And I died, didnโ€™t I? :stuck_out_tongue: