RP Servers with military services?


Many community owners hate to talk about this topic. But too bad for them, they’re missing out a lot.

Hello community owners (hopefully new ones too)!
My name is Victor Ford and I am 17 years old, turning 18 at 27th June.
I am looking for a good looking community with rules that would make a lot of sense and not like “anyone can be cop, but nobody can be military” like that right there makes no sense. Immature 12 year olds will get happy while someone with real life experience gonna be like “wth?”. Now I got no military experience IRL because Sweden is a country of bad government.

Now let’s move on to the actual topic.
If you have a community looking for a department head or willing to have the army to be an actual thing. Then please drop your discord name#tag or Discord server invite links.

I used to own a security company known as Merryweather Security Consulting. It was fun, but now I have moved on to make a legitimate San Andreas Military department in communities. I have made a website for just that department, uniforms, call signs, morse codes and etc, SoP and vehicle structures.

Sorry for this shitty post, Basically I am looking for both content, either a community needing a department head for the military or recruiting for the military.

Have a good morning folks!


Join my discord and we can talk about this.


I have a server that has nationwide military avalible, we would love to have you! Message me at Harrison#5442