[RP] Looking for a Whitelisted Lambda Server



Hello, my name is Airsocial. I am looking for a Lambda white listed server. I don’t really want a server with money. I just want a server where you can join, spawn a car, create a character and just start role playing. Not have to grind all day like a money server. I am kinda looking for a server like DOJ. Please comment if you know or have a white listed server that I could join.


We would love to see you at SARP. Civillians are the only faction which isn’t whitelisted. https://discord.gg/73KjmvD


weve got snacks my dude


We would love to have you over at State of San andreas Emergency roleplay community if you would like to take a deeper look into our community Check out our new website at www.Sosaerp.com