[RP] Looking for a fully whitelisted server


Hello, I am fairly new to FiveM and still searching for a nice server with a decent community.
Things I’d love to see:

  • Somekind of a progress- Not spamming cars with Lambda menu or changing skins anywhere. Similar to samp days where you had to find a job, earn money with it or earn money though RP.

  • Legal/Illegal jobs.

  • Not entirely LSPD based - Show some loves to civillians too.

  • Phone system - Similar to Single player system.

  • REAL vehicle mods for civillians - Ford, BMW, Auto, VW instead of Ocelot, Tampa, Infernus and so on.

  • Menu for anims/giving stuff to other players and so on.


I’ve tried servers posted above, some were good some were worse, but RP level is just not what I am looking for, so if Anyone has something like this, I’m willing to give it a try.

Just EMS whitelisted servers are not enough, looking for a whitelisted server with some cool features such as money/illegal money/housing etc, there are some examples of the features I’m looking for, or at least similar ones.(from some russian whitelisted server)

http://prntscr.com/hy59yh2 - Cash, bank, dirty money, your rank(civillian/mechanic/cop), company bank
http://prntscr.com/hy5asr1 - Voice(whisper,norm, shout), food, drink
http://prntscr.com/hy5bsd1 - Vehicle stats, speed, engine, lock status and so on.


Hey Bro!
I own A British RP Server and we are looking for people to play at out launch! Join our discord for new info! discord.gg/rKG6Afk

Kind Regards
590Gaming Team


Hello! We’re a fairly new Community on the PC side of things, but come and check us out bcsorp.enjin.com (pm with any questions. )


Join the Los Santos Sheriffs Office today! We have many divisions and ranks to offer!

The LSSO is a FiveM RP community that specializes in professional and realistic RP as Emergency Services! We are a new community that has many high
rank positions open, so lets fill them quick! What sets us apart from any other community is that we are a “family like” community. We work as a team in and
out of game to achieve tasks that not one person would be able to complete!

We offer many different departments that are made to enhance not only our RP experience but yours too!

If your interested in the Law Enforcement side of it then consider joining one of the folowing departments:

Los Santos County Sheriff
-Blaine County Sheriff

Los Santos City Police
Grapeseed Police
Sandy Shores Police
Paleto Bay Police
San Andres Highway Patrol
Fort Zancuto Military Police
And much more!
We also have a communications division! Which utilizes our fully custom CAD/MDT system to limit the the radio communications and to make it easier for
our dispatchers!

Our FiveM server consists of multiple custom vehicles, peds, weapons, and scripts which allow us to enhance the RP experience!

If the LSSO community sounds like its for you then join today! We would be happy to have you!
Teamspeak: 7941.zap-ts3.com


Thanks for your comments! Preferably, add a discord server, so i can easily access it.


Hello there!

So, I own a server called VividRP.
On my server we have many custom vehicles such as:

State Trooper
Sheriff Department
Police Department
Highway Patrol
K9 Units
Fire & EMS

And more…

You can always join and test a few plugins/vehicles out for yourself! We are looking for more players, recently launched so players is all we need so we can actually roleplay!


Looking forward to having you on the server!



I’m just going to keep it quick and simple.
Envious.media has most of the features you want.
although you will have to be whitelisted.
if your interested then join our teamspeak
IP: Envious.media and wait for an admin.


hey man feel free to join this server whenever you want!
we try out best to make the civs have fun and not just the lspd, we have many jobs and still working on the server but everything seems fine at the moment. It’s your choice to join bro!

if you want to check out more feel free to visit here Los Santos AU Rp [EMS] [PD] [Mechanic] [Many more jobs]


hey bud check out novum rp http://www.novumrp.com/ . myself and the other admins try our best to make the server fun for everyone. We have a few departments (CHP, LSPD, BCSO) we are worth the look at the very least.




I am founder and developer for gta 5 project rp we focus on serious roleplay.

We dont use mod menus!
we dont use commands!

We have 3 servers all together 1 whitelisted 1 unwhitelisted and 1 test server so you can always play even while we are working on new things for the server we hit 32 players every-day every-night.

we have custom cars
we have buy-able homes
we have police,ems,bounty hunters
illegal and legal jobs and much more

join our discord and also sign up on our forums http://gta5prp.com/index.php https://discord.gg/scAkV3D


Come check us out! Everything you want we have!
All information can be found on discord.


Thread updated! Hit me up if you got something.


Hi @Lance483 I am an administrator of LEB-RP and as you seem to be looking for a community we would be happy to accompany you and comfort you in our community. You may see you server as undeveloped but that’s mostly as our old developer recently left and deleted EVERYTHING so we are starting from scratch perfecting the basics and will be implementing new features once we get going again properly.

Our server is a private RP, not whitelisted but IP is only given to members.

You can join and apply in our discord!!

Thank you for consideration we hope to see you soon!!
Luke C. 1B-1 Chief of LSPD