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Discord: https://discord.me/royaltyy
Server IP:
Website: coming soon…

About Us
Royalty Gaming was founded early November of 2018 by Kawiz and Jake. Our Development Team has spent countless hours making our server as enjoyable as possible for our members. Here, everyone has a chance to become more than just a member.

LEO Ranking System

[LEO | 1] - Is able to go any LEO Department, Has to wear a Department Uniform, Can drive any car (Excluding the Camaro and Jeep) (Must Be Fully Marked with a Lightbar).

[LEO | 2] - Any Department, Has to wear a Department Uniform, Can drive any car (Excluding the Camaro and Jeep) (Must Be Fully Marked With a Lightbar and or Slick top).

[LEO | 3] - Any Department, Any LEO Uniform, Can drive any car (Including unmarked as well as the Camaro and Jeep).


(Click on the department name to see screenshots)

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Los Santos Police Department

Blaine County Sheriffs Office

San Andreas Fire & EMS

San Andreas Communications


Some of our Features

Custom Cad/MDT
Custom Non-Els Vehicles
Custom Scripts
Statewide RP
Trunk and Hood Script
Huk Script
Select Fire Script
Custom Interiors
and many more...

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SouthLand Bounty Hunters???


I am currently working on Southland Bounty Hunter vehicles for civilians, based off of Southland Bounty Hunters.




I filled out an application!!! Looking forward to join SouthlandRP!!!


We had an amazing patrol today! Sign up today to become whitelisted!


Amazing community, Well owned and the owners are really friendly. One of the very few well owned communities out there.




@JakeM Hey, I applied and got accepted but the discord you sent me expired. Name is Izaak W.


If anyone is in it please send me your discord name and send me the discord


Can you send me your discord name?


No, Mines broken ((20 chars))


I need your discord name please


Ok here’s mine Kawiz#6440


I sent a FR ((20 Chars))


Got some McDonalds on my lunch break and sat in my patrol car!


Thanks to @JakeM for making this amazing Tahoe!


Check out my new car!


Come check us out!


Check out our new storm command vehicle!
Come check us out!