RottenV:R "Basic" Zombie Gamemode



Wrtie me your dicord, I will help you, deal is 1:1 and we give it free for all.


Any way to link this with a DB so it can save everything?


can you give yourself food cannot find anything in the script etc


where i change the zombie models in the zombiespawner.lua


where is spawns them


hey i was wondering if it was possible for someone to edit the code to where you can change your ped skin and not instantly die from hunger and thirst?


How do you turn off the thirst and hunger? As well as remove the inventory menu?


Yeah this, I would rather remove it completely.


Also, how do you restrict areas of the map for zombies to spawn?


Hi how can i creat blip on map for gang ? And how can we revive somebody ?


Hi how can make zombies drop money on death?


How do you remove hunger/thirst?


Would also like to know this.


I have downloaded the files but there are no instructions on how to host this by yourself or how to play it. Can anyone help me out please?