RottenV:R "Basic" Zombie Gamemode



hey i have an idea, lets make a zombie roleplay server!

So uh, yeah, after much consideration i have decided to release the RottenV:R gamemode code, sharing is caring.

This release only covers the base functions this gamemode needs to function


most people here know how RottenV looks, i will show some screenshots anyhow, for the few people that haven’t seen it yet.


full ( but sometimes glitchy ) Squad System with map blips
full inventory system with food pickups, hunger, thirst, starvation
“useable” inventory items to repair cars ( as an example )
semi-unfinished humanity system
working zombies with different damages, random loot drops
random spawning items with white “orbs” around them, easily visible.
all (known) issues from the original “RottenV 3.0” gamemode were fixed
completely new file structure

Possible Questions:

here are a few questions that could be asked / might interest you.

can i use snippets of code for my own server?
Absolutely, just don’t claim it as yours, i would like to see what you do with them so feel free to show me!

can i make money if i use this gamemode? / can i sell this gamemode?
please read the terms of service, it’s rules apply to this too.
short version: covering server costs ( only! ) is ok, selling it is not.

can i upload this to my own webpage and make it available for downloading
No, please always redirect to my git page in case you want to share it.

can i make a server called RottenV:R
please don’t, RottenV:R is still an existing server and will not be shut down because of this release.

do i need essentialmode/vrp
no, this gamemode operates standalone.

how do i get x from y zombie server
make it yourself or ask them, this is just the RottenV:R code.

i found a critical bug / want to add a feature to this, can i?
sure, just fork the repository below and make a pull request, i will review it and possibly merge it.
If you are not familair with code but still found a bug, create an “issue” on the github page!

can i make an rp server with this resource?

but how do i get it?

riiight here!

Have Fun!

[OUTDATED][Gamemode] RottenV | Zombie Gamemode [Alpha v3.0]
Ped attack count
[OUTDATED][Gamemode] RottenV | Zombie Gamemode [Alpha v3.0]
All the game modes that exist for FiveM
[Help] I want to know the name of this resources
How to do this?

where can i buy guaranteed access to rottenv:r pro edition, basic seems too limited


send me a lifetime supply of pretzels, then we can talk


A nice christmas present, thank you for your release :smile:




What’s the R in RottenV:R stand for? Gay? Xd xd xd. Nice release though. I’ll make an rp server out of it. The zombies will be playable characters and can mate with other zombies and make money.


That makes absolutely no sense. Im guessing you are just trying to be funny?.. :stuck_out_tongue:


trying is the right word.


Nice work.

Would be a nice change of pace to work on something else other than cops & robbers.


i pm’d you with a question


It would be nice to have mysql hooked up, like you have done with vrpfx…


Yea agreed. Anyone know how to do this. I not to fimilliar with MySQL


how to integrate these zombie models?


look at the zombiespawner.lua, you can modify which models it will use.


will you be adding mysql to this?




again, no.

do it yourself, all data can be accessed via the client code and can be sent to the server for saving.


Hello ;
where do we go to translate the menu


Use your brain for that.

Ps : Great script :wink:


So happy you did this, thanks! Also, you have missions on your server now? Im redownloading my GTA just to play again!


I’m thinking of making an RP zombie server… Muahahha