ROSA| Menu Based| Custom Cad/MDT| Custom Non-ELS Models| Serious Roleplay


I would not recommend this guy all he can do is copy and paste things off the forums into the server

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Hello sir,

are you still availble?


yes i am sir


sir i can do a hell of alot more but i just dont know what to call them


Hey i tried to add you on discord but it doesnt find you. i would like to talk to you if possible.


Hey i tried to add you on discord but couldn’t find u. Try adding me CGWolfgang#3273


hi you still looking ?
if yes add me pleas on discor i coudnt find you B.Panda.M [EU]#4351


Hi, your Discord doesn’t work, add me Oli#3211.


Added you on Discord, lets chat.


We are currently looking for devs right now if youre interested