I have a question, just started a server and i can join it and everything works but my problem is i dont know how i do i like a roleplay server with jobs and such things, can someone please help me?:slight_smile:


Have you searched the forums?! There’s plenty of resources that match exactly what you want…

^Those two go together ^


To extend what @Not_Blu said,

Have a look and browse of the #development:releases, you’ll find a lot of things you are looking for. You can use keywords such as rp to filter and narrow down your search, if you are not sure what you are looking for.


If you need any advice: [Advice] Starting A Police Roleplay Server


Thanks alot for all the answers!
Didnt expect that.
I will try this about!:smiley:


Also another question haha.
How do i give my self admin permissions and such things:)


It should tell you via the thread you got the resource.


And another one xD
Msql what is that and what does it do? xD


It’s a database that stores server information like money, stats, cars, apartments, etc. A lot of resources need a database. There are tutorials here on the forums for how to set them up.


But now I have downloaded the resources u linked.
ES extended, esx_addonaccount, essentialmode and esx jobs master.
And i have put start in server.cfg for everyone, but i cant see the blips on the map?:slight_smile:


Firstly, thanks @Not_Blu

Secondly, if you use my framework there is a video on my Discord showing you exactly how to set it up.


alguem pode mi ajudar quando termino de istalar o fivem fica pedindo o login do social club eu boto mais nao dar certo alguem pode mi ajudar


English only on these forums amigo.


What @Virsenas said… Also, you’re using a LEGIT copy of GTAV correct? FiveM won’t work on pirated versions. That’s why it’s asking for your social club login.

EDIT: Don’t hijack other peoples threads by the way. It’s not proper forum etiquette.


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