Role Script (What should I search for?)


Is there a script where it says what you’re working as.

So for example it says “LSPD - CHIEF OF POLICE” in upper right corner.


It should be easy to do it yourself. I’d start with essentialsmode or vrp, but it wont be hard to make a completely standalone script.


Like so you can attach a steam id to get the role?


Can you help me, please?


I believe there’s already a script for vrp to do this, but if i’d have to develop a standalone script, i’d use a db to save the infos and then display them on screen.


What’s the script called?


Just search it up on the forums, i gtg


I don’t know what to search for… I’ve searched for roles and policeroles, can’t find it



But can you remove all the other stuff, so it’s only the role that appears?


Well it depends on what script you are trying to add this for.


I have essentialmode, so that’s not the problem.


What? No what police script are you using? The cops resource?


No cops script

Just want a script like the watermark thing. But it will not be the same job for everyone.


Ok then what job resource are you using?


No, job or police resources


What? Then there is no point in having a job gui???


Yeah, there are. I have different departments on my server


But you said you do not have a police resource…


What do you mean by that, then?