RogueServers | Serious RolePlay | Active Police, EMS & Mechanics! | Legal & Illegal Jobs! | Custom Cars | Hiring Staff/Police/Ems/Mechanics | OpenCAD |


RogueServers is a new, freshly created server for Serious Roleplay interactions. We attempt to bring your role-play experience to the next level with serious, improved interactions and more.

Join Here IP :

Choose from a range of legal, illegal & whitelisted jobs and fresh out your character in the way you want.

If you have any questions or want to learn more then head to for more info!

Once you’re there you can contact our community Owner for any questions you might have.

Come join and enjoy some cool stuff and lots of custom stuff and more…


Updated server more things added like cars and more stuff


Updated : Drugs now you should get more money when doing drugs.
Updated : Bank Robbery Now you should make more money from robbing the banks.
Updated : Server Logo and discord.
Fixed : The Car mers63c Should Now Show up in car dealer i did not start the recourse.

More Updates Soon.


Server has reopened and better then ever so come join if you want