Robbery Script



I need a robbery script that makes it to where all the banks have a 30 min cooldown

and notifies people in chat theirs a robbery in progress


Did you consider ever using the forums search tool? Literally tons out there. If you can’t find one to your likings, either make your own from scratch or base it on a pre-existing one.


Did you find a good one ?


Use the search tool? And you will find it yourself.


Nothing thing to do with you, I asked to see if he found a good working one,
Mind your own business.


esx_holdupbank for esx if your using essentialmode theres an script called Essentialmode Robbery System.


Thank you,

20 char …


Dudes, some gamers don’t know for what they must search, Don.‘t be an’ use Google asshole’ xD

@Qalle_H1Z1 you are the best! Don’t forget to check his scripts :slight_smile: