RiseCommunityRP / need developer!



RisecommunityRP is still a very very basic idea (meaning not all of this is 100% confirmed). My plan is to bring together all the great things in the Fivem roleplay community, things like mods, custom scripts and not many restricting rules. i am going to be trying to make this one of the most realistic roleplay experiences out there! i will update all of you when i have more information. If you would like to support my idea come into the offical discord of the server!

EDIT: i forgot to mention, we are in need of a basic developer. message me at Swig#8165 or comment on this post for more information!


I would be glad to be head of a department if you are looking for one. along with development. I can do a few things such as Discord developer, website dev Cad/MDT teamspeak Dev and many more! Please just let me know and we can chat!