Riot Mode (Drakeling Labs)


Hey guys, our community developers are cracking away at a pedestrian riot server gamemode.

We’ve given a couple cracks at the initial script which aggro’s pedestrians against one another, but doesn’t seem to be working so far. Posting on there to see if we can have any feedback, and potentially get this script functioning.

Here’s what we have so far:

Any ideas?


try to make this a clientsided script, e.g in __resource.lua put client_script ‘riot_client.lua’


@Bluedrake42 currently I didn’t test all natives but there’re some natives which won’t work correct at the moment so this could be an issue at your script.
Another possible reason is (and I guess this would be the biggest prob) if you do not trigger an event from serverside too all clients, ped aren’t currently sync in any way because everything what happens in “the real world” of GTAV is only on your PC or in other words on your client visible.

I guess if you want to create a mod like this, you have “create and sync peds on serverside” (only a function which have to be trigger to every client every time!)


@Bluedrake42 Trying to do what others have commented. The script, even client side, seems to have no effect. Here is what I have.

A little modified from your original script so its easy to trigger in-game with /riot
(ignore ServerRiot() that was from testing and forgot to remove it after removing the function.)

I believe the server needs to create a pedestrian and then sync it to the clients. For a riot gamemode you’d need to disable ped spawning and make your script create and sync each pedestrian to all of your clients. If that’s even possible.

Is there a public place where your community is developing these scripts? Maybe some people would be interested in peeking in and giving pointers.


I am here for any update on this? I am creating a Zombie Server and would like the peds to be rioting while zombies are attacking everyone


Try taking a car to the chopshop on our server ( Is that what you’re looking for?