Richland County RP, Serious Roleplay, Custom vehicles, trained staff and Ems/Police, Hiring staff and a fire chief, join at [New community]



We have started a new community, That aims at serious RP. based in south carolina, the county is called richland, but the cars a fictional.

We are currently Hiring: A civilian director, 2 moderatos, 2 support team members and a possibly a developer. To apply for staff, the application is in #applications in our discord (, and for civillian director, join the discord and Dm milo#9045.

We only have one LEO department, so we can focus more on sub divisions. The list of sub divisions are:
K9 Unit
Drug task force
Air unit
Special Reponse unit
Motorcycle unit
Investigations unit
Internal Affairs
Gang unit

Other departments:
Federal Aviation Administration
Richland County Fire department
Richland County Communication division

We will also offer heavy focus on civllian RP and vehicles.

Join here:

The server will soon be fully up for RP, but for now its just open for developers, staff and police training. It will be public sometime tonight (20-11-2018, 16:00 CET) We hope to meet you on the server :wink:



This community has been up for a couple days now, and its amazing. If your new to FiveM and looking for a community to join then join Richland RP, the staff are nice and willing to help anyone who has questions or concerns. Its easy to make new friends in Richland, easy to join departments as-long as you show mutual respect to the higher ups in the department.

Anyone who is also looking for a LEO department to join in a community then join RCSO (Richland Sheriff Office) the uniforms are above, the white one is used for Blaine County and the Brownish/Black uniform one is for when we are needed in LA.

Richland Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of the Richland County Sheriff’s Office to provide quality law enforcement, detention, court security and civil services to the citizens and visitors of Richland County. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves in a manner respectful of the trust that has been placed upon us. We are dedicated to this mission and to the people we serve to ensure that Richland County is a safe place to live, work and visit.
Our Vision is to work for excellence through education, training and empowering our employees to provide the highest professional services to the citizens of Richland County.

To accomplish our mission we dedicate ourselves to these core values: Duty, Trust, Integrity, Community Service

Our most fundamental duty is to protect and serve, to ensure a safe environment for all residents and visitors of Richland County. We will always strive to perform this duty to the best of our ability and never lose sight of our responsibilities.

We view our responsibilities as a covenant of public trust and are always mindful that we must keep our commitment to the community we serve.

We pledge to always operate with the truth. When we live with integrity, we will succeed. We are open and honest. When we have the courage to call the truth the truth, even when it’s not popular, we become a more powerful force. It is easy to hold a position on an honest fact.

Community Service:
To improve the quality of life by enhancing our partnerships with the community through involvement, education, accessibility and promoting positive family and community values.

Richland County Sheriff Office, is strongly stands for our mission statement: Duty, Trust, Integrity and Community Service. This makes Richland County Sheriff office very professional to be in. Richland County Sheriff Office is the only department in Richland RP, but it allows us to expand on Sub Divs. There is many Sub Divs in Richland County Sheriff Office, these Sub Divs are:
RCSO K-9 Unit
RCSO Drug Task Force
RCSO Air Unit
RCSO Special Response Unit
RCSO Motorcycle Unit
RCSO Investigations Unit
RCSO Internal Affairs
RCSO Gang Unit

(We also, have Boat Certified where, people can get trained to use the police boats for situations where the police boats are needed, for example a search and rescue mission or trying to get a 911 call thats on a boat in Alamo Sea).

There will be many more outfits coming to Richland County Sheriff Office, with the White and Brown/Black uniform I have provided above, including Sub Div uniforms and etc.

If anyone feels interested, in joining Richland RP or joining Richland County Sheriff Office feel free to contact me on Discord: Lil Ghosty #3745 or join the Discord link Milo provided and a helpful Admin can help you.

Thanks for reading, Admin Ghosty/Chief Deputy of RCSO. :slight_smile: :+1:


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Here at Richland County Roleplay, we have recently got quite a few nice Civilian Vehicles.

Spawn Code - Vehicle
2013LP560 – Lamborghini
Czl1 – Camero
Civicek9rb – Hinda Civic Rocket Bunny
Exc530sm – KTM Dirtbike
Stanier – custom vapid stanier
Mule – custom flatbed mule
Barracks – custom flatbed barracks
Declasse Burrito (The Lost) – SOA Van
Western Deamon – Harley Knucklehead
Western Sovereign – Harley Fatboy
Surano – Mazda Miata
Bison – Chevy Silverado
Cheval Fugitive – Pontiac G8
Karin Dilentantte – Audi A6
Maibatsu Penumbra – Nissan 370z
Pegassi Monroe – 2000 Mustang
Vapid Stanier (Taxi) – LA Taxi
Declasse Stallion – Fastback Mustang gt500
Benson – Homeland Security Truck

Apart from Civilian Vehicles, we also have some nice LEO and FAA cars in our Fleet :smiley:


A small Vehicle Showcase

RCSO Motorcycle Units & Custom Unmarked Granger

RCSO Dodge Charger

Tanker Mule and 2 custom Harley Davidson Bikes

RCSO Crown Victoria

Homeland Security Mobile Command Center

Unmarked Dodge Charger

_RCSO Motorcycle Units, Unmarked Dodge Charger & Mobile Command Server.

Find these nice? Its just a few of them, we have many more! Just check above this message for a complete list.


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