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Hello My name is Conner, I am the Director/Founder of Affinity Life Roleplay. We are a small community just starting up and would love any help we can get. Our discord is https://discord.gg/y8Md2yG


its a xbr410 stolen


Yeah, was going to say.


We would love to have you at GSRP!- https://discord.gg/jDBffNd


Bump20 characters


Bump. Clearwater RP is being reopened!!!


Clearwater RP is still looking for members!


Bump! Patrol going on now 6 members participating!


Come join the newly opened FHP today!

Step up and serve…



Patrol today 3:00PM EST. Anyone can attend.


xbr410 got leaked fast af i got told, so not really “stolen” as in claiming the content as your own.


Coming soon to the Clearwater Police Department Fleet…

Join today and serve!


Bump! Join today!


Patrol happening now! Join today!


Last one, Warwick police…


From last nights patrol. Warwick Police stack up in front of the 24/7 with barricaded suspect inside, leaving no choice but to shoot 7 rounds and eliminate the suspect.




Already exposed them sent the copy to xbr screenshots