[RG] Royal Gaming: San Andreas 911 | Professional & Growing Roleplay Community


We welcome you to San Andreas 911!

San Andreas 911 is a friendly roleplaying community looking to grow and develop at every angle. We specialise in emergency and public service roleplay, something for everyone! We are consistently looking for new ways to improve, so we always appreciate any feedback you can give us!

We currently host a FiveM server with limitless capabilities. We are EUP and SUP equip as well as having customised vehicle models and skins that won’t be seen elsewhere! Already we have began building this community and you too could be a part of this continually growing project!

Our server are relatively new, so we require a strong audience base with dedicated and loyal users whose aspirations include the succession of our server! Of course with any new server we are looking for new members of staff to recruit onto our team, specifically we are looking for General Staff (GS); they are the most prominent of our staff team, tasked with player coordination and management, as well as ensuring roleplay is realistic and adhered to! General Staff must have a patient mind and a calm temperament.

San Andreas 911 is a sub-community of the parent community, Royal Gaming. Royal Gaming is a diverse and extensive community growing in any aspect possible. We encourage the prospect of collaboration and teamwork, as is the basis of our community.

Our community welcomes you with open arms and we openly accept anyone who wishes to join! Details regarding our community are listed below:

Royal Gaming website: http://www.royal-gaming.co.uk/
Royal Gaming Discord: https://discord.gg/pKVpCmw
San Andreas 911 Discord: https://discord.gg/garE9zS
* Please ensure that you join both the Royal Gaming and San Andreas 911 Discords. It is important to connect to everyone.

Once you have joined the San Andreas 911 Discord, please voice your interest in the community in our #general chat. Please mark both @X-500 | Courtney Bryant and @X-400 | Bailey Cross when you voice your interest. Recruitment Officers will consult with you and ensure your comfortable!

We look really forward to welcoming you to our community!

Happy gaming!
Royal Gaming Founder
2iC of San Andreas 911 (Lt. Col.)