[Rewritten][Release]NativeUI M-menu [2.4.5]


Hey everyone i have released a Toolbox for civs,leo,vehicle,etc made in NativeUI Enjoy!


Source Code
Direct Download (2.4.6 Latest)


  • @Frazzle NativeUI
  • @KNOBs Lock/Unlock Code – Removed lock code making my own :wink:

proof for the permission:

NativeUI version made from scratch by me
other than that nativeui is free to release i’m pretty sure

Anything that i have provided is not harmful if it was harmful you probably downloaded it from somewhere off another site please only download it from the github!

i am not responsible if you edit the code and break your server! you should always make a backup!

Disclaimer Updated: 1:12 A.M Central Time 11/25/18

Hope you guys enjoyed it although it’s not running through any servers so it should still work :smiley:


Hello can you please tell us what you have changed in this as it just like a random zip file? Also post screenshots!

i’ve added buttons and i fixed the handsup issue people were having issues with

EDIT: sure let hangon

there i uploaded it because i got permission if you want me to take a pic of that i can aswell

no no the kneelhu and that hadn’t worked for me and a few other people

EDIT: uploaded proof

Awesome job! This is something I wanted to do but I could never figure out the scripting lol Great job man!

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Oh yeah, I was talking about just regular hands up. I was at school and did not completely understand the post due to no screenshots. I will Delete the post I made before :slight_smile:

ohh ok

(20 char limit)

The only function working for me is hands up. Am I missing something?

Got a few functions you may wanna add its for toggling and untoggling weapons credit to @montypiper for helping me out with this function. https://pastebin.com/imckWHfp

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you must install the other scripts if you use like the radar and something else not sure but it all works for me but the radar works for me but i have to do ingame (if you set your steamid for ingame admin) or in console ingame: /start radar (or whatever you named the radar script) console: start radar (again whatever you named it)

will check it out and see if i can put it in :wink:

What about the other police functions?

Have you found anything for windows yet? Ive been trying the function from acl but couldnt get it working. Cant find any other window script to try its function. You get anything?

need some help on the cuff and drag

Nope but I’m still searching tell me if u find anything

Just got home to test this and it wont let me exit the menu… any solution?

not at the moment. i am looking through the code thanks for reporting it!

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No problem! Let me know if you find a fix

May have figured it out lol:

RegisterNUICallback( "ButtonClick", function( data, cb ) 
	if ( data == "handsup" ) then 
	elseif ( data == "button2" ) then 
		chatPrint( "Button 2 pressed!" )
	elseif ( data == "button3" ) then 
		chatPrint( "Button 3 pressed!" )
	elseif ( data == "button4" ) then 
		chatPrint( "Button 4 pressed!" )
	elseif ( data == "handsup_knees" ) then 
	if ( data == "engine" ) then
        TriggerEvent( 'Engine' )

	elseif ( data == "exit" ) then 
		-- We toggle the ActionMenu and return here, otherwise the function 
		-- call below would be executed too, which would just open the menu again 


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