[Rewritten]NativeUI[Release]M-menu [Modified]


it’s L


So the only thing you have to do to install is by putting the menu folder in the resources and put start Menu into the server.cfg?


Yes Menu Goes in Resources then add

start Menu

to the server.cfg


So I did that and when I load into my test server to try it out it doesn’t open. I added the menu into the resources folder and added start Menu into the server.cfg and when I press L nothing happens.


Any idea on how to get it to work properly?


I installed it and the cuff drag and ect didnt work.


I can’t even get it to open. Like, the console says that the resource had started but it doesn’t work.


Yeah it isn’t working at the moment for me still either.


Yeah i just put it on my Main server from my test and on my test it was working just fine then i put it on my main and no one can open it…


ok i’ll take a look later today :smiley:


Any updates???


Oh so the default key is set to L …

To change this - gui_c.lua Line 305


if IsControlJustPressed(1, 182) and GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) then


if IsControlJustPressed(1, 244) and GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) then


This is good and it works good for me! Thanks :smiley:


whoever can get it to work go right ahead i’ve pretty much can’t do any of this coding much anymore lately i don’t have alot of time. so please do not dm me on discord,pm me on fivem,etc about coding questions. my discord has been filled with questions about scripts,etc i just can’t do this anymore. and i have made a decision which will be Discontinuing all of my projects. whoever wants to fork it on github and work on it go right ahead you have my permission just make sure to get the other credits as well. i have enjoyed my time working on these projects and i hope someone can continue it thanks!


since he has done live streams on youtube and the watchers are giving money to him on live.


I got a problem, The whole LEO function wont work. Any reason?


where did that come from lol. anyway i am no longer going to be continuing this project. Feel free to re-release it, modify it,etc just make sure you credit the appropriate authors


@moderation can this be closed because i am no longer supporting/developing this project

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