[Rewritten]NativeUI[Release]M-menu [Modified]


true, actually i might make my own coded radar
(20 chars)


As well as maybe add options to open vehicles doors/hood/trunk etc.

And sweet, id actually like to see a smaller radar/alpr (not trying to copy doj) but i like how small and far their radar reads.


i might make an option in NativeUI where you can set the distance not sure if it’s possible but we’ll find out lol!
and yeah everyone likes to copy doj lol. and yeah the hood trunk stuff is a definite yes


I am not fluent enough nor do I have the time to try and learn lua to make one from scratch.


What can I say, some of their shit is good/nice.


oh it’s good fam. no need to i just make it when i have time i might release a little beta version and bugs that are reported go to fixing when i have the time.


If you need testers hmu my guy


DoJRP isn’t good though LOL they sometimes ask for money. when Polecat324 specifically has alot of money from youtube but let’s stop with this discussion before it gets locked for drama xD


I could careless about them, they just have some good scripts.


edited it after you posted xD


Anyways like i said if you need testers hmu


yeah maybe later right now i usually go in my fivem server test edit test edit etc


I feel ya…


hm 1 hour of relaxing. time to make door controls then.


there you go…


Menu V2.3.0: Menu.zip (19.9 KB)
or github: https://github.com/rhys19/Menu/releases/tag/2.3.0

things that need testing

Put in vehicle
take out of vehicle
and uncuff

Added a key id to change the menu key for opening / closing of it
Menu2.3.2.zip (20.8 KB)


Lol people think i literally copied that menu tell me right now who has made that menu in NativeUI yet? that’s right NO ONE so exactly how would i of copied a menu that doesn’t exist hmm


Update: Added my admin script to it!

Alert: Permissions are not setup via the menu yet :frowning:

Direct Download


Permissions are being worked on for the next update!

commands will be

/addcop (id)
/addadmin (id)


I downloaded it and everything (put it in resources and added it to config), but when I hit “m” nothing comes up. Do I need to set the toggle key or change something in one of the files?