Reworked Black-Listing Script v.1.1



Updated 11/09/18
Added More helicopters and plains that were missing and all the weapon there is also a cfg in there that has all the weapon spawn codes if you want to add anymore.

If you find any more bugs Let me know i will get a fix For it thank you all for the comments and feed back will be back with another script soon.

I have reworked the blacklisting script original script was written by @Scammer For my server i run No Limit RP.

I have also added all the GTAV models to the .cfg and weapons to the weapons .cfg
i have explained what to do to if you want to add or remove models from game.
also would work for esx servers to i have put beside all vehicles that i know of that are required in esx what to do.
If you have any questions ask and i will help you

Credit to @scammer for his original work

For additonal help with this script join my discord and i will see what i can do

Download here:|530x500

[Release] Model Blacklist v1.1



(For snail sake, go away 20 characters…)


Please upload this to the post as a direct download, not through an external site like google drive.


not finished yet when it is i will


hmmm cool skript dude


I am working on it going to have an update in a few hours adding vehicle guns on it in case a car got missed
but thank you


Nice. Good work!
20 char


Just updated it now it is complete miner work to do if you find bugs let me know and i will fid them thank yall


Mine one still pulls out some guns like the MG


you added the new one i put up?


go throw the weapon.lua and make sure there is no a – in front of the model it is working for me or try to move the wepon in the cfg
it should be “WEAPON_MG”,