Revolt RP | Whitelisted EMS/PD/MECHANIC | Drag Race Strip | Drift Track | Drugs | Purchasable Properties With Inventory | Base Jumping - Recruiting EMS/PD!



Revolt RP was created with the community in mind. Every changing areas on the map to keep things fresh, custom events, We want to focus on keeping things interesting and fun. We have a lot of custom scripts, a working phone with person to person talking, Robberies, Purchasable Properties and SOOO Much more. We are just starting out, but growing nicely already! We hope you come check us out and look forward to seeing you soon. Join our discord and check out some of the pics and get an idea of how we roll and who we are as a community.

Drag Race Strip
Drift Track
Many hidden gems!

Come check us out! You will not be disappointed!!!

We are hiring PD, EMS, Mechanics and much more!

Revolt Roleplay



We will have spawn points for the Drag cars at the track. come check it out!!!


We have added so many features…
Drag Strip
Drift Track
Uber Job
Custom Cars
Free Bike Spots
New buildings

You have to come check it out…


Guess what! We will be fully releasing out Beta Build of the server today! Please report any bugs in the bug reports channel and keep sending in those suggestions! The current IP’s to both servers are as follows:


Remember you can apply for whitelist via the application link in #applications


Come check out all the new awesome cars we added!!
We have a Drift Track, Drag Strip and Sprinter track!!!
We have so much cool things to do, you will love it!
Different from many other servers!
Come check us out!


Hey we are looking for some dedicated members to come join us at Revolt! We have some unique features on the server and great activities. We love RP and hope to find more people that do as well! Hope you guys come check us out!