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Revitalize Gaming - FiveM Roleplay Community

Board of Directors: @jellyton69 ~ @BlockBa5her
Current Version ~ v3.0.1

Teamspeak: Revitalize Gaming Teamspeak
FiveM: (Not Clickable. This is a direct connect IP.)


I’m going to keep this section short and simple since, in my opinion, me giving a list of features hardly shows how useful these functions actually are.

  • Text Based BAC and Inventory Script
  • High-Quality Addon/Replace Civilian Vehicles
  • Chiliad Forests Map (Redwoods)
  • Client & Server Sided based Terminal
  • Altered/Customized Version of FrFuel to Support Aircraft, Boats, and display the amount of fuel used. (Credits to @IllusiveTea and myself)
  • Custom Action Menu, using framework from @WolfKnight’s action menu.
  • Custom Handling for LEO Vehicles
  • Text-based emote script
  • Vehicle Damage Script
  • Trains!
  • New CAD/MDT! Yay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, this is not the full list, but you will become quite aware of what to look forward to almost immediately after loading into the server.

Current Departments & Leads

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
    ~ Commissioner - Jellyton // Deputy Commissioner - Treh Finley
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
    ~ Sheriff - Andrew P. // Undersheriff - Bigfoot
  • Los Santos Fire Department
    ~ Fire Commissioner - PajamaGoat // Battalion Chief - Engine81
  • Communications Department
    ~ Communications Director - N/A


To begin, I would like to point out some important things about this roleplay community. This server will always be dedicated to feeding off your imagination. I’m heavily opposed to basing roleplay off of “job” frameworks like ESX and vRP. To me, these frameworks feel too much like GTA: Online, and not roleplay related. The very first communities that I joined on FiveM were all scripthook enabled servers, and after those old communities shut down, I tried non-scripthook related servers and I really didn’t enjoy it.


Rules on this server are quite simple, and usually, if you have common sense you don’t even need to read them. I don’t enjoy vehicle blacklists, they take away from people’s roleplay opportunities. All I really ask is that when doing more interesting roleplay scenarios, like using military vehicles, or aircraft, contact me for a certification tag, and make yourself available for communication either on Teamspeak or Discord.

Law Enforcement & Emergency Services:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol - The Highway Patrol on this server is what I consider the “main” police department. In this case, the HP is the hardest department to get into. Despite being contradictory towards the name, this department has full map jurisdiction, mostly acting as the state police. The Highway Patrol contains the Investigations/Intelligence division, Motorbike Unit, Tactical Team, Speed Enforcement, and Air Support. Although being the main inflow of law enforcement, there are jobs that are more focused and dedicated to the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - The sheriff’s office is mostly dedicated to the county area and northern side of the map. Our sheriff’s vehicles are a mixture between two vehicle model packs, using the Alameda based skins that I have almost finished revamping. The sheriff’s office is dedicated to executing warrants using their custom ghost vehicles and is also the home of the K9 unit. I highly suggest the sheriff’s office for new cadets who are new to the roleplay scene. The sheriff’s office does include an Air Support Division, although they still operate from Highway Patrol resources and pilots.
  • SWAT - The SWAT team on Revitalize Gaming, from what I’ve seen is going to be pretty unique. This team will not be dedicated to performing raids or responding to high priority calls. This team is a group of individuals that act as a primary investigation force against organized crime. They drive around in unmarked Dodge Chargers, Tahoes and Suburbans, and ride in an armoured Lenco Variation Bearcat as a primary response unit. Although these are the vehicles that are PRIMARILY used, there are other vehicles in the fleet such as an Insurgent, Bulletproof Suburban, APC, and an Air Support Unit. With different personnel being trained for different positions, there is a dedicated sense of teamwork that is present in every mission. These classes including Commander, Engineer, Tactition, Medic, and Pilot.
  • Los Santos Fire Department - This brand new department has just come out of the development phase, after being put in command by players who serve their community as Firefighters and Medics, I can tell that the realism factor from this department will be quite substantial. Although new, the groundwork for the department is complete and contains the following sub-divisions: Water Rescue, Fast Response, Life Flight Crew/Pilot, Field Training Officer, Search and Rescue Squad.

I also often make cinematics and take a lot of screenshots on the server, so if you’re interested in helping at all make some cool roleplay scenes to record some shots, that would be awesome.

If you’ve made it this far, I would truly like to thank you for taking time out of your day to consider joining a great new roleplay community. :smiley:

Personal Discord: Jellyton#9306

Update: I will be posting the server changelog as I usually do on discord, on THIS forum as well.


Its a pretty good server the staff is nice


An excerpt that pretty much wraps up this post.

I know exactly what you mean, we’re a medium-sized server that is quickly gaining momentum and starting to grow into a larger community, which I can personally guarantee you I will never add a money system, and will never add a job system. If people want to get money by doing random things over and over again, they can go play GTA Online.

We have scripthook enabled, and we encourage people to use their trainers to create RP scenarios based on what they want to do, whether they want to create a business conglomerate or fix people’s cars at the LSC in Harmony.

Vehicle and Weapon blacklists are retarded, if you want to drive a tank in a military base, or have a military transport convoy with humvees, go right ahead. Roleplay to your heart’s content. Someone once apologized to me for “spamming” the chat with roleplay (he was explaining his actions with unreal detail) and he said he was “over-roleplaying” I said, there is no such thing as over-roleplaying. These days FiveM is filled with servers that run dumb bases like ESX and vRP, which I just consider a “lite” version of GTA Online.

You’ll be digging for a long time. I know people say this all the time, but after my first roleplay community shut down, I couldn’t find any good RP servers that offered an “oasis” of roleplay, so I decided to open my own.

If you would like to join, I would love to have you, as I was once in your exact position just looking for good roleplay servers to join.

Game IP:

Personal Discord: Jellyton#9306


One of the best servers I’ve been on!


This is the best fuckin’ server I’ve ever been on. The people are nice, the cops are amazing, and there is always something to do. If you want some real shit, join us.


New CAD/MDT. Open for use for all members! Join teamspeak for request code!


Version 3.0 of Revitalize Gaming - Coming SOON

Massive Changes to the community are coming.
Welcome @BlockBa5her to the Board of Directors.


Version 3.0 - Revitalize Gaming Changelog


  • Camera Script added, bound to “U”
  • Fuel script updated (Now includes fuel for aircraft and aquatic vessels.)
  • Hospital Script added (For EMS)
  • Server sided ELS added for the Sheriff’s Office, and some unmarked vehicles
  • {Adjustment} ELS UI no longer appears by default, press CTRL + ~ to activate.
  • Life Traffic removed (Part of the “No-Lag” initiative)
  • Old ALPR system removed
  • New AI meta added (AI will now pull over quicker at the sound of sirens)
  • New AI towing script (/towid)
  • New RPCommands script.
  • DiscordBot UPDATED! Fixes all previous issues. Thanks @Flatracer :wink:
  • Cruise control search initiated.
  • Dispatch System is no longer in use. (Part of the “No-Lag” initiative) :frowning2: @BlockBa5her
  • Breathalyzer and Inventory script added.
  • Luxart Vehicle Control added, old ELS removed.
  • New administration system


  • Welcome @Los Santos Fire Department to Revitalize Gaming
  • Andrew and Bigfoot reinstated as head of Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Welcome Back.
  • Badge Numbers are now part of the server and will be located in your name along with your call-sign.
  • Massive changes to LEO training regime.
  • New CAD system for everything.


  • Version 2.0 is here!
  • Icons reduced
  • Administration ranks reduced
  • Permissions refined
  • Channels reduced and layout modified.
  • Support team added
  • NPL License Acquired
  • Available slots increased to 256




Version 3.0.1 - Revitalize Gaming Changelog


  • Radar Gun added (Marksman Pistol)
  • New recruiting plans have begun


  • Revitalize Gaming Napsack updated


Unfortunately not. Sorry