[resource][updated]Undercover Taxi - Regular Taxi - Template



This update adds the matching regular taxi and a template that works for both cars.

Permission granted by Policesco for this resource to exist here

Both vehicles by Policesco. I did not make these models. Myself and ASCN_Shino only put together the resource for the addon undercover taxi and the regular taxi is only a replacement.

To install:
Put the the two folders into /fx-server-data/resource/
Add start taxi and start fbi to your server.cfg


Download link:
Undercover Taxi


[Release][Non-ELS]TheHurk's F350 with ELS style blue lighting

That’s what I said o.O LOL


Need a new link. Link is dead.


@Matt76 Sorry about that. I fixed the link. Moved to mediafire so it doesn’t get lost anymore.


Thanks for updating the link :slight_smile:


SO, this is like a taxi script where u can pick up other Players?


No it’s a taxi model with police lights.


I’ve updated this resource to include the matching regular taxi and the template that can be used on both cars. Enjoy.