Resource control via script



I’m curious if anyone knows of any ‘natives’ to help with starting & stopping resources?
if so would someone direct a link or example perhaps of the function?

Thanks ahead if possible.


Not a technical support. Not sure exactly why you thought it was but i went ahead and moved it for you to #development:scripts


how about stop with the trying to statistically get your stats up micromanaging cuz you’re not helping anyone but yourself… this post was intentionally placed in the technical support because it is “technically” where it should be. Place this post to where it belongs and keep your comments to yourself… I’m not trying to develop anything, just understatement on a native function. (Since this reply/post will get me banned, let us learn from this type of behavior “admin”)


How about your stop being so arrogant and accept that you were wrong and @Harrison_M is correct. No-one is going to help you with that attitude. And what do you mean by “Stats” we do not get stats by moving topics…


what the fuck?

also closing the topic as this got WAY out of hand