(RESOLVED) The game crashes when joining a server


Hello, my game loads the server more bug and crash (Automatic closing)

Video to show you :slight_smile:

FiveM a stopped working?

English responses only please.


It is mostly that there is none


It doesn’t matter. The forum is supposed to have everything written in English. But I will attempt to help you.

  1. Did it just start crashing?

  2. Have you updated to the last version for your graphics card?


Since the new update of today I have this error window

The update of my graphics card is also up to date


Click the details button and see what it says.


There is nothing …


I believe the developers have been working on fixing these issues. I will let someone know and see if they can get any word in about your error window. Please stay patient as they work through some of these issues.


Have you tried joining another server to see if it does it on all servers?


I just removed my drivers from my graphics card and reinstall them and the game works !!!

I’m so happy !

Thank you


I am glad your issue is worked out. If you have any more issues with it don’t hesitate to ask here on the forums. Have a nice day.