Requiring a Developer [Outline]



So I copied this outline from a topic and made some type of Q/A so they can Understand the type of developer I need and what they get from it

1 = What do you have to offer?

Well mostly it’s going to be receiving a discord rank and possible admin status if enough dev work is done on the server, but this obviously you must prove yourself, also am going to avoid devs who require payment!

2 = Offering Server Access

I will offer server access since mostly because scripts am using for the community is esx but must prove yourself and code some scripts first before having access to the server files.

3 = It will take time, how long can you wait?
In terms of time, I don’t care but I expect some updates of what you dev like a week or something

4 = Do you need a developer or basic tech support?

Mostly a developer who can code already for fivem, and made some scripts if you have a GitHub on some scripts you made that would be nice to see. plus as for tech support, I do require a web developer to make a professional website for us.

5 = Have a plan written out which they can see.

I have the numbers and an active community just need people who can dev an amazing semi-serious roleplaying server for us.

as for an outline what I what planned for the server is mostly.

  • Improving ESX if you desire
  • adding a jail system
  • mayor system who becomes mayor until death
  • better playerlist showing which jobs they have
  • better Bank system
  • lottery system
  • economy
    much more.

6 = What will be unique or why should people care about your server?

My server will be unique because we mostly are a semi-serious roleplaying server that strives to have fun but as well roleplay at the same time. Many are serious but out server is more friendly version if you get what I mean.

7 = What do they get from it?
Depends on what they get in the long term if you want to discuss that you can on discord.

I hope this answered most of the questions you have and know a bit more what am looking for and what I can provide if you wanna pm me discord tag is roboticgamer#5676

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