Request your Building/maps here


I have been asked by quite a few people recently to build a custom building etc so as my way of giving back to the community ive decided to offer my help publically to anyone that may be looking for someone to create a custom building for their server.

I have made a fully functioning burgershot, A new 247 and a New police station for one of my own servers if you wish to take a look at them Join Rage RP server.

Obviously i wont be able to make a building for everyone so its a first come first serve deal.
Comment below what you would like to see.

Police station Video (its on sandy airfield as our server uses the space for housing as we dont use planes) -

Burger shot Video-


I actually need custom buildings for my Post Apocalyptic Server


Working Pillbox hospital with fixed interior seems to be pretty popular…


Would love some training places for Fire and EMS I know there are loads for police, but I haven’t seen any for Fire or EMS?



i would realy like to see the police station and the burgershot place but i din`t find the Fivem Server, can you please upload some screen shots? And if is no big deal to make the files available?


Pillbox Fixed Interior


can you share you files? I could use the as they are since they are custom.
If there is no problem



Thank you dude! life save! may ask u to do another one later. :slight_smile:


I didnt make this; I was just showing you where to get it.


can we see those buildings? are they available free to be used? can you upload the files?


Hi guys and girls sorry i haven’t replied to anyone i have been in the hospital with scarlet fever. Just home today so i will see if can post up some pictures/videos of the burger shot and police station i made.


the linked firestation is extremely laggy i will make a new non laggy one if there is enough interest


Videos incoming!

Will start on requests as soon as i have time.


Would a teleport at the door to a custom made under map interior Be ok? (for pillbox)


I mean sure but I know theres a way to just stream props and make the door open Im not sure when it comes to maps?


get better and when you have time i would realy like to see the maps you made and maybe to be able to use them to :slight_smile: i`m interested in any custom map you have or made


Did you go to pillbox hill? joking… feel better!


Hi can I have a map made for cells that are lockable please? Like the one in sandy but purely cells. IF that makes any sense? Cheers, also may be some Halloween haunted buildings?? Thanks