Request your Building/maps here


I have been asked by quite a few people recently to build a custom building etc so as my way of giving back to the community ive decided to offer my help publically to anyone that may be looking for someone to create a custom building for their server.

I have made a fully functioning burgershot, A new 247 and a New police station for one of my own servers if you wish to take a look at them Join Rage RP server.

Obviously i wont be able to make a building for everyone so its a first come first serve deal.
Comment below what you would like to see.


I actually need custom buildings for my Post Apocalyptic Server


Working Pillbox hospital with fixed interior seems to be pretty popular…


Would love some training places for Fire and EMS I know there are loads for police, but I haven’t seen any for Fire or EMS?



i would realy like to see the police station and the burgershot place but i din`t find the Fivem Server, can you please upload some screen shots? And if is no big deal to make the files available?


Pillbox Fixed Interior


can you share you files? I could use the as they are since they are custom.
If there is no problem