[Request] Web and Fivem combined!?


Hi guys, i’ve seen clans with a system on internet with a live map from the server, (with moving icons) and they can also set waypoint for the players, (the players get the waypoint ingame) Do you have any idea how this is possible? (Which api they use)


That would be awesome. Can you share what site you seen this?



Hmm very interesting thanks for sharing that. How did you come across that? Just wondering.


Google etc and from my friend


Now the question is, is that for a fivem server, ■■■■■■■■■■■ or some other type gta framework platform?
I guess it could be used with either setup, now just need to find how it’s done…


This would really be helpful for Dispatchers on RP servers with player blips disabled. They would be able to track progress out of game and dispatch units according to their present location in-game.


This is the GMS of a clan in The Netherlands, as i know the calls your generate are just on your webpage and that of the other dispatchers, you can see playerblips on the Google map in the interface and couple them to a call. What you also can do is when you add units to a call they will be automatically moved in TeamSpeak. so far as i know…


Yes, but it can set waypoint as far as i know…


Ok guys now the million dollar question… where can we all get it from? lol


Nowhere, until someone makes this kind of web-interface for the community.


Thats a good question sir,

Contact them: https://www.facebook.com/roleplayunitednl/photos/a.789615601145800.1073741828.782683158505711/1294933640613991/?type=3&theater


Hmm, im searching for the waypoint script… very hard to find


Would be interesting to have a script available like this!


Please mind the topic date.