[REQUEST] vrp_votekick


I didn’t find that anywhere so I decided to create this post.
It would be nice to have a resource where players can create a voting to kick someone, using vrp framework.

What I was thing was something like this:
-Anyone can call a vote using the command /votekick <id> <reason>
-Then, players would vote using /yes or /no
-To the player be kicked, at least 50% of the online players has to have voted “yes” (50% instead of 50% +1 because the player that is being kicked will, obviously, vote “no”)
-Only one voting should be possible at time
-Players with admin powers should be able to cancel the voting by typing "/cancelvote "
-If an user creates a voting and it fails, he should wait X time before being able to create another voting

I hope someone tries to make this script, I think that it would be nice for the community! I would do it my self if I wasn’t a potato when the topic is programming…